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Woman, 37, is cut out of car and loses an arm after hero cops find wreckage off rural road five hours following crash

A WOMAN lost an arm, but miraculously recovered, after a horrific car crash left her trapped in wreckage for five hours before a diligent cop was able to find her.

Carrie Adeladel, 37, had been delivering newspapers in the middle of the night in Hudson, Wisconsin, when she took her eyes off the road for a second and ended up smashing into a tree, according to The Daily Mail.

Her body was partially crushed and she was stuck in the car, thinking she was going to die, until a heroic cop, noticing skid marks on the road, managed to find her around 5am after the July 2017 accident.

Adeladel was flown by helicopter to a hospital, where doctors had to amputate her arm and tried to save her legs that had been crushed in the accident.

She also suffered four broken vertebrae in her back, four shattered ribs, a ruptured spleen and was experiencing kidney failure.

"I went through periods that night where I felt like I wanted to die because I was in so much pain and agony," Adeladel told The Daily Mail.

"I wanted to lay down to die and I kept trying to pull my legs out of the car so I could lie down."

But she was rescued when police officer Mark Sommers saw her skid marks in the road and went to investigate. He was miraculously able to get Adeladel help in time to save her life.

Her recovery process was slow and painful, she told The Daily Mail, but after many surgeries to reconstruct her legs, she was able to get back on her feet.

"My legs were crushed and wrapped up ... They reconstructed my entire left leg with metal plates."

The process of learning to walk again was especially painful, she said.

"I didn't have my balance. I had to stand up on my broken foot three times a day for two months."

Eventually, she got there. Now, Adeladel is living with a robotic arm, but aside from that, she said she's able to live a relatively normal life.

"I can fish and I have been hunting," she said. "I'm able to live a pretty normal life."

She added that the crash has left her with a new outlook on life - don't sweat the small stuff.

"A lot of the things that we think matter in life don't actually matter," she said.

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