A woman was left paralysed after she was shot with a stray bullet.

Natalie Bignell, 32, was a bystander when she was left with a serious spinal cord injury in November 2020.

She was rushed to hospital and underwent two life-saving injuries, PlymouthLive reports.

Natalie, from Plymouth, was left with no brain damage and can breathe without assistance, despite her spinal cord being damaged.

However, she is quadriplegic and has lost the ability to move or feel anything from the neck down.

Her injuries were so severe that she needs 24-hour care, specialist equipment, regular physiotherapy, and an accessible home that is able to cater to all of her needs.

Natalie before the shooting as her family and friends are trying to raise money so she can have access to the care she needs (


Jade Alcock/BPM MEDIA)

Her care is partially funded by the NHS, but she needs to fund the additional help she needs.

Natalis is unable to receive regular income because of her condition.

Her family and friends have set up a GoFundMe to help support her.

More than £20,000 of the £50,000 goal has been raised to far

Natalie's family described her as a "creative, kind, compassionate and loyal person" and prior to the incident.

She was pursuing a career in fashion e-commerce and loved travelling before disaster struck.

Natalie plans to continue exploring her creativity through painting, drawing and making prints.

The money will help her get regular physiotherapy and the equipment she needs to help her salvage the use of her limbs and avoid regression in her mobility.

The family have said: "We appreciate you taking the time to read Natalie's story and ask that you share with everyone you know."

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