A 24-year-old woman saw her "perfect smile" ruined as her teeth fell out due to a rare condition.

Brooke Johnson started to lose the enamel of her teeth at the age of 16 and by the time she turned 22 all of her teeth were completely rotting or falling out.

In a video she posted on TikTok, the young woman said her smile was key for her and she had always received compliments for it.

But when her teeth started falling out, she started feeling less confident, as if she had lost a part of herself.

Before showing some photos of her smile, Brooke said on TikTok: "I just wanted to give y'all a peep at how my smile used to be, because I have a big a** smile as you can see.

Brooke Johnson
Brooke Johnson started losing all her teeth at the age of 16

"It is so hard to not see my teeth, you know?

"But my smile was my biggest compliment.

"Not my hair, or eyes, it was always my smile.

"Once that went away it took like part of me, I would say.

"My confidence for sure. But I'll get it all back soon."

Brooke Johnson
She needs dentures to get her smile back

Brooke, who lives alone and works as a part-time waitress in Clinton, North Carolina, in the US, needs all her teeth removed and after that, she will need to have dentures.

A friend created a GoFundMe page to raise money for Brooke as she cannot afford to pay the dentist alone.

After reaching $6,800 (£4,800) in donations, Brooke's family friend took her to the dentist and she will now have all her extractions and dental work done.

The GoFundMe page reads: "Just a couple of more weeks and my baby girl will have her beautiful smile back."

Brooke before losing her teeth
Brooke before losing her teeth

Under one video, a person wrote: "I feel your pain.

"My teeth are just as bad if not worse than yours."

Another added: "You are beautiful inside and out."

Brooke Johnson
Brooke said she always received compliments for her smile

One more commented: "I love your energy and positivity."

The part of the tooth that you can see above the gum is called the crown and is covered in enamel, the hardest substance in the body - considered to be even harder than bones.

Enamel is a protective layer that covers teeth, but can decay when exposed to acid and a build-up of bacteria in the mouth, explain Lynnfield Dental Associates.

A dentist appointment is the best option if you feel like your enamel is getting damaged.