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Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort hails ‘amazing’ Logan Paul but says Floyd Mayweather fight was ‘obviously staged’

LOGAN PAUL's exhibition bout with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather was a 'staged' fight.

That's the stunning opinion of the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.

YouTube sensation Paul, 26, went the distance with the former five-weight world champion in a light-hearted exhibition in June.

Belfort was stunned that Paul managed to entice Mayweather into sharing the ring with him, telling The Nelk Boys: “I think it’s amazing.

“I have tremendous respect for Logan Paul for what he’s pulled off with that whole thing, because he lost all his fights.

"It’s amazing. To me, that’s resiliency. It really is. I have respect for him.”

The former stockbroker added: "That was obviously staged, that whole thing.

"Number one, it was an exhibition match. It wasn’t a professional fight, so to say that it was staged wouldn’t be the end of the world.”


Belfort, however, was quick to insist he wasn't mocking the contest.

He said: “I didn’t mean that in a derogatory way at all. I didn’t mean to belittle what they did.

"What I’m saying is that the purpose of that fight wasn’t for Mayweather to knock out Logan Paul.

"The purpose was to entertain people and set up the next fight.”

The elder Paul brother has remained tight-lipped on the prospect of returning to the ring since his clash with the Money man.

But he's adamant he will lace up his gloves again, saying in his post-fight interview: "Come on, baby, baby.

"Come on. Yeah, of course, I have to. This is the coolest thing on the planet.

"You think about the Roman Colosseum, when you watch the gladiators fight to the death.

"Look around. My brother filled this arena up in Cleveland, Ohio, his home city. It's the coolest thing anyone could ever ask for.

"I've said it before, I'll say it again: Fighters, bro, modern-day gladiators. There is no more dangerous athlete.

"When the fighter walks in the room, everyone feels it. He's got a presence. And it's cool, I love it.

"I love the sport, I love entertaining. And honestly, I'm f*g good, bro."


Logan Paul predicts next fight will be worth $100million

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