A witch doctor accused of grinding his crotch against a woman while molesting her with feathers has vanished.

Disgraced shaman Ricardo Perzabal-Ibanez’s electonic monitoring tag died in January, four months after he was arrested for sexually assaulting an undercover cop.

Santa Fe Police Department in New Mexico issued a warrant for his arrest on March 22, but have still been unable to track the alleged pervert down.

Perzabal-Ibanez was set up by police after they received multiple complaints of sexual assault from women aged 35 to 60 who had visited the shaman for treatment.

His first alleged victim to come forward said she was groped on the breasts and genitals by Perzabal-Ibanez in August 2017.

He reportedly claimed the ‘treatment’ at his Mexican Curios store would help her get pregnant, then told her she owed him $20.

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Another woman approached police in July 2018 to say Perzabal-Ibanez rubbed her privates through her clothes after claiming he needed to work on her ‘first chakra.’



The alleged sex attacker reportedly set up a treatment involving smoke, crystals, feathers and water.

The woman told police she believed she heard a zipper being unzipped, but that she was too scared to open her eyes.

Her hands were placed on his privates, with the alleged molestation coming to an end after another customer came into the store.

Perzabal-Ibanez charged with woman $100, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported.

A third woman claimed to have suffered a similar ordeal in September 2018, and told police how she ‘was in shock that the male had violated her.’

That prompted the police sting shortly afterwards, with Officer Jacqueline Rowell posing as a customer.

He pushed his private into her butt and touched her face as well as hands with feathers and stones, before Rowell used the code word ‘plaza’ to have her colleagues raid the scene.

Perzabel-Ibanez’s wife ex-Cynthia Perzabal divorced him in the wake of his arrest, and believes he has fled Santa Fe.

She said: ‘It was a very traumatic time, but I’m moving on.’