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Windows 10 trick unlocks secret surfing game hidden inside your web browser

MICROSOFT has hidden a fun game in the latest version of its internet browser, Edge.

Dubbed "Let's Surf", the mini-game has you take control of a surfer on a trip through perilous waters.

You'll have to dodge whirlpools, killer whales and even giant sea monsters as you attempt to travel as far as you can before you run out of lives.

Styled like an old-school 8-bit video game, Let's Surf is available on the newly released version of Microsoft Edge.

Edge comes pre-downloaded on all Windows 10 PCs, but you can download it on most modern PCs. Here are the system requirements.

You'll need a special version of Edge called "Canary" to play the game – an early version of the browser that you can download to try a new update before it's rolled out across the globe.

It's free, and is available on the Microsoft Edge website. Once you've got Canary downloaded, follow the steps below to try the game.

How to find Let's Surf on Microsoft Edge

Use the handy screen grabs below to help guide you to the game.

1. Open any website in the Edge browser.

2. Click on the Collections button to the right of the address bar and hit "Start new Collection". Name it Microsoft Edge.

3. Add the site that's open in your browser to the Collection by selecting "Add current page". Right click on it, select edit and change the name to S.

4. Repeat this process three more times and rename the sites U, then R, then F until you end up with a series of sites spelling SURF.

5. Here's the tricky bit: Click on the F site and drag and drop it after the U, so the sites spell SUFR. Now drag the F back to its original position so the sites spell SURF again.

6. Restart your Edge browser and a link to the game should appear at the bottom right hand side of your browser in your Collections.

How to play Let's Surf on Microsoft Edge

Hit the spacebar to begin and use the arrow keys to navigate the treacherous seas ahead of you.

Each time you hit an object, you lose a life. You get three in total, although you can pick up extra lives along the way.

Try and get as far as possible and beat your high score.

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