Drone Ag is offering one lucky winner a crop scouting drone package which includes a full drone kit plus a years subscription to Skippy Scout, which flies your drone for you, automatically taking photos at key points in your field and building field reports on coverage, pests and issues, in minutes.

The Drone

The Mavic Air 2 is the latest drone system from DJI. With a 25min flight time, high wind tolerance and a small form-factor, it is perfect for field scouting and more.

The package includes everything you need: drone, case, 3 x batteries, charger, car charger and landing pad.

Mavic Air 2 drone package

Mavic Air 2 drone package © Drone AG

Skippy Scout

The included 1 year subscription will allow you to scout your fields fast. Up to 10x faster than walking, the app will automatically fly your drone to key points on the field, take photos and send them for analysis.

Then within minutes of the flight, depending on the crop type, you’ll get a field report detailing crop cover %, GAI, crop damage and weeds.

Enter now

The Skippy Scout in action

The Skippy Scout software in action © Drone AG