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“Why would you do this to a grandma?”: Former US senator mugged in California

Former Senator Barbara Boxer was mugged and assaulted in Oakland, California, on Monday.

According to a tweet from her official account, the former California lawmaker, 80, was pushed in the back in Jack London Square, before her mobile phone was taken by an assailant – who then jumped in a car that was “waiting”.

“She is thankful that she was not seriously injured,” wrote the tweet.

There were reportedly two assailants, one of which “forcefully took” took Boxer’s phone at 1.15pm on 3rd Street, according to the Oakland Police Department, reported CNN.

“I’m not physically hurt at all, I’m just shook up,” Ms Boxer told local San Fransisco’s KPIX. The news station reported that she was walking and talking on her brand new iPhone, before the suspect stole it and fled in a black sedan.

She shouted at the perpetrator as he was fleeing: “‘Why would you do this to a grandma?’ I was yelling at the kid as he was running with my phone,” she laughed. “I said ‘I want to call my grandkids, why are you doing this?’ He could care less. He got in the car. But I hope he has some guilt.”

The Oakland Police Department is investigating the incident, the department offering a $2,000 (£1,499) reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Barbara Boxer served as Democratic senator before Kamala Harris between 1993 to 2017.

The Independent has contacted Oakland Police Department for further comment.

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