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Why isn’t Virgil van Dijk playing for the Netherlands at Euro 2020?

VIRGIL VAN DIJK has been arguably the best defender in world football over the past three years.

But the Liverpool centre-back has had to sit the majority of this season out with a nasty knee injury he sustained in his side's 2-2 draw with rivals Everton early in the campaign.

Van Dijk's Holland side will be competing in this summer's European Championships, but the Dutch stalwart won't be there.

Why won't Van Dijk be playing for Holland at Euro 2020?

Van Dijk's anterior cruciate ligament injury occurred when Everton goalkeeper collided with the defender during their Merseyside derby clash last October.

Ever since then, the £75million man has been out of action and on the injury table.

And although he's nearing recovery, Van Dijk has ruled himself out of competing at this summer's Euros with Holland.

"I feel physically it is the right decision that I've decided not to go to the Euros and to go into my last phase of rehab in the off-season," said Van Dijk.

"It's tough, but I'm at peace with it.

"I think the decision to not go is the right decision in the grand scheme of things.

"I am very gutted to miss the Euros, to miss the European Championship and leading out my own country there, but things have been like they have and I have to accept it - we all have to accept it.

Van Dijk will be hoping to return for the first game of Liverpool's 2021/22 Premier League campaign instead.

"I am aiming for that and it looks like it is going to happen, but obviously you never know in football and you never know in life, but I am feeling very positive and ready to go. We'll see," he added.

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