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Why do Great British Bake Off contestants wear the same clothes on both days? All your GBBO questions answered

THE tenth series of The Great British Bake Off is in full swing and fans are eager to find out answers to some of their unanswered questions about the show.

Everything from why contestants are seen wearing the same clothes on both days to how long it takes filming an episode - we have all the details...

Why do Bake Off contestants wear the same clothes on both days?

The Great British Bake Off is usually filmed over the course of two days per episode.

Because of this, producers are very strict on having contestants wear the exact same clothes to avoid any mishaps with continuity once the footage is worked on in post-production.

So long as the contestant is expected to be on camera, they must wear the same outfit since their first day of filming - and that’s a rule which undoubtedly will never change.

Are the baking equipment checked before being used?

You would have probably noticed how a lot of contestants often complain about the oven not cooking fast enough.

It’s often given the thought that their equipment might not be working properly - especially since we never actually think about the chances of certain compartments not functioning.

Turns out that the crew takes the time to make sure that each and every oven is checked before it’s used for the show.

They do this by baking a Victoria sponge in each oven just to make sure that no contestant will be working with faulty equipment during their challenge.

What happens to the leftovers?

We’re always wondering where all the delicious food goes once Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood have taken their portions.

Well, fans will be happy to know that the food certainly doesn’t go to waste - in fact, contestants are often known to take some of it home with them.

It’s also said that crew members often have forks in their pockets during filming and they are never turned away from an opportunity to try the delicious treats once the judges have given their thoughts.

That’s quite an amazing job to have, don’t you think?

How can I audition for the show?

The audition process is no easy feat, that’s for sure.

It can take weeks before an official confirmation is made on whether you are accepted for the show, which includes an interview with a psychologist.

This is mainly so that producers are sure that potential contestants can actually cope with being filmed for up to 16 hours per day while trying to impress Paul and Prue.

How long does it take to film a series of Bake Off?

The Great British Bake Off reportedly takes ten weeks to film an entire series.

It should be noted, however, that weekdays are not included - those are dedicated to the contestants to continue with other day-to-day duties, including work.

The bakers are only believed to film for the show on the weekend, giving them enough flexibility to juggle their personal and professional lives with the possible chance of being crowned the new Bake Off champion.

Most winners of the Channel 4 show go on to have amazing careers in their field.

Are the Bake Off contestants amateurs?

In order to compete in the Bake Off, one must prove to be an amateur first.

This means that they are prohibited from having any professional catering qualifications within the last decade, which is quite a lengthy time.

On top of that, they must not have worked as a chef, or earned money for any commercial baking - clearly a lot of rules to abide just to be considered for the entertaining cooking show.

Are the contestants told what to wear?

For the most part, Bake Off contestants can pick their own clothing - keeping in mind that anything they choose to wear can not have a brand logo on display.

Obvious logos from the likes of Nike and Adidas are off-limits, and contestants also aren’t allowed to wear anything that includes stripes.

The reason for this is mentioned to be down to the fact that the cameras strobe because of it, so the kind of clothing producers wants to see is plain with simple colours.

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