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Why do fans on Twitter think Dakota Johnson is bisexual?

FANS discovered a 2017 Vogue interview of Dakota Johnson saying she was exploring her sexuality.

While the 50 Shades actress has yet to confirm rumors that she is bisexual, many people took to Twitter to show support and joy over her statement.

Here is more about Dakota and how everyone has been reacting to the rumor.

Who is Dakota Johnson?

Dakota Johnson, 30, is an American actress best known for her role in the steamy trilogy 50 Shades of Grey.

She is the daughter of actress Melanie Griffith and Hollywood’s Don Johnson.

Her mother divorced Don and married Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, who became her stepfather.

Her first Hollywood appearance was in the movie Crazy in Alabama at age 10.

She had other minor roles in The Social Network and 21 Jump Street before landing the starring role as Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey.

Her character was deemed controversial and submissive and the nature of the movie was highly criticized.

However, she was able to move past the criticism and she pursued other acting projects.

Why do people on Twitter think she is bisexual?

Memes of Dakota’s sexuality have been surfacing on Twitter due to a 2017 Vogue interview in which she hinted that she was exploring her bisexuality.

She told the magazine: "Can we make things really juicy? Can we say that I’m taking this time to explore my bisexuality?"

Fans and the community started showing support for their interpretation of Dakota’s sexuality.

Many were welcoming and were thrilled that she was open about her private life.

What did Dakota say in her 2017 Vogue interview?

In the interview, Dakota did not blatantly admit that she was “bisexual” but she did allude to exploring her sexuality.

The actress said: “I’ve been in a phase of my life where I’m fascinated by young women coming to terms with their sexuality.

“I guess by proxy, I have been experiencing that in my own life and it’s very interesting to me,” she added.

Fans went on to assume the actress meant she was willing to be open about her sexual preferences and Twitter erupted with the gay community sending welcoming memes to her and sharing pics of her with other lady friends.

How long has Dakota been with Chris Martin?

Dakota and lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, have been together since 2017.

The pair were spotted earlier this year going to the movies with his son, Moses.

What are the rumors about Dakota Johnson and Cara Delevingne?

While there is no definitive answer to know if the dating rumors between them are true, fans speculated that Dakota and Cara were an item back in 2016.

Cara has been open about her sexuality in the past and told Glamour magazine that she is “not gay” but rather “sexually fluid.”

"Someone is in a relationship with a girl one minute, or a boy is in a relationship with a boy, I don't want them to be pigeonholed," she said.

The model also told Vogue UK once in an interview: “It took me a long time to accept the idea [of being attracted to women] - until I first fell in love with a girl at 20 and recognized that I had to accept it.... We're all liquid. We change, we grow.”

It is unclear whether Dakota and Cara were truly an item or just friends, or if Dakota is still experimenting with her sexuality.

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