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Who will you hug first as Covid rules change? Readers respond

AFTER more than a year of social distancing, people will soon be allowed to hug their friends and family - but who are Northern Echo readers most excited to hug?

Hugging loved ones from different households is to be allowed again from next week in England, when people will be given the choice on whether to socially distance from close friends and family.

Family members topped the list for those readers were most keen to hug from next week. 

As well as being able to hug loved ones, you can dine in restaurants and go on holiday abroad from next week in a “considerable step on the road back to normality”, Boris Johnson said in an address to the nation last night. 

Reader Debbie Griffiths can't wait to hug her dad.

She said: "My dad, haven’t seen him since mid-December."

Meanwhile, Stacey Field has been baking ahead of seeing her granddad.

She said: I can’t wait to hug grandad! I’ve been to buy some foil trays today so I can make him lots of treats to take down.x"

When asked who she can't wait to hug, Kath Jones said: "My eldest son who doesn’t live with us."

As part of the May 17 changes, people will be given the choice whether to remain two metres from family or friends, meaning they can once again hug and shake hands.

“This doesn’t mean that we can suddenly throw caution to the winds. We all know that close contacts such as hugging is a direct way of transmitting this disease,” Mr Johnson said.

“So I urge you to think about the vulnerability of your loved ones.”

This is on the mind of some readers.

Kelcie Ann said she won't be hugging anyone, adding: "I've not had the covid jabs."

Officials suggested people should consider getting tested for coronavirus before hugging and wear face masks or ensure a room is well ventilated before ditching social distancing measures.

People in Scotland will also be able to hug loved ones again from Monday, subject to restrictions, Nicola Sturgeon announced today.

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