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Who was The A Word’s Tony Henshaw?

BBC'S The A Word continues with the fifth episode of season three tonight, Tuesday, June 2.

The last episode of the third series pays a touching tribute to Tony Henshaw, leaving many wondering what his role on the show has been.

The A Word first aired on BBC in March 2016.

The series is based on a family who has to come to terms with the autism diagnosis of their child, while also dealing with their own relationship problems.

The series has many emotional moments as well as lighthearted ones, and season three is no exception.

Who was The A Word's Tony Henshaw?

Tony Henshaw, who passed away at the end of last year, was a member of The A Word’s art department in 2016’s series one.

He worked as a property manager on the show, and looked after the props and sets that appeared throughout the series.

He ran his own company, Keystone Productions, until his death.

According to IMDb, Henshaw has over 20 production credits  and worked on other projects including Citizen Khan, CBBC’s World’s End, Young Dracula, Casualty 1909 and Waterloo Road.

The sixth and final episode of The A Word is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

When is The A Word next on BBC?

Season three of the drama continues on BBC One on TONIGHT (June 2, 2020).

The fifth episode in the series is on at 9pm.

The entire series is available now on the BBC's iPlayer.

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