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Who shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer?

RYAN Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot four times while he was walking the singer’s three French bulldogs-and two of them were stolen.

Authorities have launched an investigation, probing different theories on the reasons behind the dogs' kidnapping.

Who shot Lady Gaga's dog walker Ryan Fischer?

According to authorities the Fischer's attacker is still at large.

The Sun was told on Thursday, February 25, 2021 that FBI officials specialized in kidnapping are working with Los Angeles Police Department detectives.

They are investigating whether the incident was politically motivated as LAdy Gaga sang at President Joe Biden's inauguration.

"Lady Gaga is high profile of course but she sang at President Biden's inauguration which takes this case to another level," one source said.

At the moment investigators are working on the possible assumption the attack was an armed robbery.

French bulldogs can be sold for over $2,000 and some breeds can even go up to $10,000.

 Another theory suggests the dogs may have been stolen for ransom - after Lady Gaga offered a $500,000 reward for the return of her pets, "no questions asked," according to TMZ.

The outlet also revealed anyone who has the dogs can contact the e-mail address [email protected] to claim the reward.

Fischer was shot outside of his West Hollywood home on Sierra Bonita while walking Koji, Miss Asia and Gustavo

Shocking footage shows the moment Fischer screams for help as two men get out of a white car and attack him.

A gunshot was heard, and moments later Fischer can be heard screaming "I've been shot, I'm bleeding out of my heart, of my lung, I'm bleeding out of my chest."

“They stole the dogs,” he adds.

Police officers who arrived at the scene found him conscious, but barely breathing, and he was transported to hospital. 

Frenchies Koji and Gustavo were stolen, but Miss Asia managed to get away and was later recovered by cops.

Who is Ryan Fischer? 

Dog-walker Ryan Fischer was walking the three French bulldogs when he was shot-two of them, Koji and Gustavo were stolen, but Miss Asia got away.

Public Information Officer Jeff Lee from LAPD told The Sun: "We had a shooting that took place at 1500 block of N Sierra Bonita Avenue at 9:40pm.

"Male unknown suspect fired a gunshot. Victim was male white 30 years of age.

"Victim was transported to local hospital in unknown condition. No arrest made yet."

How long has he know Lady Gaga?

According to Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Fred Pescatore, a close friend of Fischer, said the dog-walker moved to Los Angeles from New York, four years ago specifically to walk Gaga's dogs.

He added that Fischer is "amazing" at his job and he "would do anything" for the dogs he cares for.

Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer shot as two thieves steal two of star’s French bulldogs’

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