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Who shot and killed FBG Duck in Gold Coast, Chicago?

ARMED gunmen in two vehicles got near rapper, FBG Duck and two others and opened fire in Gold Coast, Chicago on Tuesday afternoon. 

FBG Duck sustained gunshot wounds to the torso and was pronounced dead after being taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Here is more on how the tragic event unfolded. 

Who is FBG Duck?

Carlton D. Weekly, better known as FBG Duck, 26, was a rapper from Chicago.

He was an up and coming rap artist best known for songs like Slide and Exposing Me Remix. 

FBG Duck was a member of the Fly Boy Gang rap crew and was signed to Sony.

What happened to him?

FBG Duck was shopping in the Illinois city at around 4:30pm on Tuesday when two vehicles pulled up near him and two others and opened fire. 

A video circulating online shows a man in a blue tracksuit, believed to be FBG Duck, on the ground moments after he was shot.

The man is seen face down struggling on the street while two police officers are near him. 

A woman in a car close by is seen screaming on the phone calling out for help.

A passersby took a video claiming the person on the ground was the rapper.

"I’m just riding my bike. F**k man. They shot FBG Duck man. I don’t know who shot him I just f***king ran into this," the person said.

Another man who was also injured remained beside him on the ground.

FBG Duck sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Who shot him?

Officials say a black Ford Taurus and silver Chrysler fled the scene and no suspects have been taken into custody. 

Chicago PD is investigating security footage while seeking out more witnesses and asking for anonymous tips. 

Was anyone else injured?

Cops said a 26-year-old woman and 36-year-old man were taken to nearby hospitals and are in critical condition after also being shot. 

Former Chicago mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green tweeted about the shooting saying: “Popular rapper FBG Duck has just been pronounced dead after being shot in the Gold Coast an hour ago.

“Prayers up for his family, bring justice to them after this senseless act.”

Green also slammed police for not getting to FBG Duck in time as he laid on the pavement.

He wrote on Twitter: ”Police neglected to offer basic medical aid to FBG Duck and I’m sure their excuse is going to be “Covid.”

“He laid there needing help and it took way too long for him to get help. How many black men and women die because of time everyday after being shot? SICKENING!”

How much has Chicago murder rates increased in recent weeks?

Chicago's murder rates have increased by 152 percent in the past four weeks compared to this time last year.

According to data from Chicago PD, there has also been a 62 percent increase of shootings in the gang-ridden city from this month in 2019.

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