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Who kills Graham Foster in Emmerdale? Andrew Scarborough’s final scenes will air in the New Year

Emmerdale has confirmed a dramatic week of episodes as Graham Foster is murdered in an explosive whodunnit in the new year.

The Sun Online revealed that the dark businessman will be brutally killed as he tries to escape the village with Rhona but who will pull the trigger? Here’s everything we know about the potential suspects so far…

Who Kills Graham Foster in Emmerdale?

Graham Foster is set to seal his tragic fate by crossing Kim in upcoming Christmas episodes.

Official spoilers have revealed that the former butler bursts into the Tate’s and drops a bombshell, which presumably is the result of Millie’s paternity test that he conducted behind Kim’s back.

After destroying Kim’s family, he’ll then realise he needs to scarper sharpish to avoid her wrath but his escape plan with Rhona Goskirk falls to pieces when he meets a grisly end ahead of his departure.

Emmerdale has confirmed there will be a special week of episodes in January where individual suspects will have entire episodes devoted to their motives.

Graham doesn’t have many friends in the village and it’s looking like there are at least seven potential suspects who would want to murder Graham…

Kim Tate

First up is blonde baddie Kim Tate - who as we all know is no stranger to getting blood on her hands.

Kim is on the warpath against Graham after he rejected her and then threatened to reveal his one-night stand with her son’s wife Andrea - because he is convinced he is the father of her baby.

It’s safe to say that Kim would like Graham to take this information to his grave.

With Graham set to reveal the secret and shatter the Tate family, Kim will be desperate for revenge - but will it turn bloody?

Al Chapman

Emmerdale viewers were left fearing that Al will brutally murder Graham after vowing to “take care of him”.

He told Kim he would do what it takes to make Graham "go away", all she needed to do was give the order.

Charity Dingle

Charity’s son Noah is set to suffer from a drug overdose in upcoming episodes.

Feisty Charity is quick to point the finger at Graham for the incident.

Fans on Twitter are convinced Charity is a prime suspect for his murder: "I don’t want charity to go back to prison so if she does kill off graham she better get away with it."

Another fan added: "Charity is the prime suspect ofc as he is somehow involved in Noah's drug overdose."

Jamie Tate

When Graham dumped Jamie’s mum Kim in public, the faithful son was quick to berate the businessman for being so disloyal.

The protective son was furious with Graham for lashing out at his mother.

His anger towards Graham is likely to reach boiling point if it’s revealed that he slept with his wife.

Jamie has no idea that he might not be Millie’s father and if he discovers the truth he’ll be on the warpath - with Graham in the firing line.

Andrea Tate

Andrea is likely to go to desperate lengths to get her revenge against Graham if he reveals their one-night stand to her husband Jamie.

His revelation will shatter her attempt at happy families with Jamie and Millie, but viewers are yet to see any signs of violence from the anxious wife.

Marlon Dingle

Marlon has been against Graham ever since Rhona invited him into her life.

He lashed out at the former butler recently after worrying about his involvement with his son Leo.

If he learns that Rhona is planning to take his son Leo abroad with Graham to play at happy families - without even letting him know - then Marlon is likely to reach boiling point.

Could he fly into a rage and cause baddy Graham’s downfall?

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