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Who is Zaid Al-Hilli?

The killings of families and lonely cyclists in the French Alps have remained unresolved for over a decade, along with a long list of suspects.

Zaid Al-Hilli will screen thechannel 4documentaryAlpine murderafter being nominated as a suspect in the murder case.

Who is Zaid Al-Hilli?

Zaid is the brother of the murder victimSaadal-Hilli, killed near Lake Annecy in September 2012.

Saad, 50, his wife Iqbal, 47, and his mother-in-law, Suhira al-Araf (74), in their car with cyclist Sylvain Molie (45). Was executed.

The Al Hiri family were each shot twice in the head, but Zaid's nieces Zeena (7 years old) and Zainab (4 years old)survived the attack. -Zeena was shot in her shoulder.

Zaid is in contact with Zeena and Zainab, who have requestedto pay the French criminal injury compensation agency for handling the case. ..

He spoke openly about the authorities' approach to the case and criticized how the case was handled.

He told the sunonSunday: "The French authorities tried to hide the truth.

" They are responsible for it.

"I think they know who is behind it. , There are influential people behind Morie.

"Without a solution, I can't figure out how to get over it."

Zyed, an Iraqi heritage, suggests that racism may have played a role in the investigation.

Was he a suspect in the investigation?

A series of investigations were conducted involving Zyed, who had been arguing with his brother before his death.

He was arrested for a plot of murder, but was released without charge.

The arrest was due to a family feud involving a family of more than £ 1 million co-owned by two brothers in Sally. In an interview with

Surrey Live,Zaid said: Saad wanted to give him the house he lived in, my share.

"I left it to him at will, but I wasn't ready to give it to him on the spot."

French prosecutor Eric Mylaud Claimed that Zyed was the only family that could be motivated, but admitted that there was no evidence to link him to crime. When he was arrested after

, he was not eventually charged again, but Zaid toldThe Sun Online: Over the past few years, a large number of red herrings have inhabited.

"The French investigation is not the best and I still want to show that they are still working, but it's a little too late.

" Nobody Was able to see it, but the French insisted on climbing a blind alley and concealing their original mistakes. "

Who killed Saad al-Hilli? The murderer of the family is still unknown, as the

case remains unresolved after 10 years.

Arrests continue until January 2022, but no one has been convicted of four murders. According to

, a motorcyclist carried out an attack to witnessBrett Martinand two girls.

Brett, 62, said: }

"I couldn't see their faces and couldn't even tell if they were men or women," he added.

"When they slowed down quickly, I thought they would stop. When I talked to me, they seemed to change their minds.

" Looking back , I think it's funny, at least because he or she should have gone through the murder scene.

"I make it my nickname," the luckiest and unfortunate day. " I wouldn't have been here if the triggerer had a few more ammo clips.

There are many theoriesas to why the family was killed, but many are unfortunate witnesses of the hired hit to Sylvain Molie. I believe.

Most notably among these theories, the French Foreign Legion sniperPatrice Menegaldotargeted cyclists, and their families were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is that.

Freemasonry gangs have been proposed because they are associated with murder in a similar manner.

Another strange twist happened when it was revealed that the victim, Ikubal, had a secret American husband who died of a heart attack on the same day.

Serial killer Nordahl Lelandais or another lonely psychopath has been suggested in connection with the bloodbath.