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Who is Night Stalker Richard Ramirez’ father Julian and where is he now?

IN 1989, Richard Ramirez was convicted of 13 murder charges and 30 other felonies ranging from robbery to rape for his string of brutal crimes.

Richard Ramirez was the youngest of Julian and Mercedes Ramirez' five children.

Who is Night Stalker Richard Ramirez' father Julian?

Julian Ramirez was born in Mexico, where he worked as a policeman in Cuidad Juarez.

He became a laborer on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway when he immigrated to El Paso, Texas from Mexico.

In 1989, he told the El Paso Times that he could not believe his son committed those crimes.

“I don’t know if he did it or not. But if he did, he didn’t do it by himself. Why didn’t the police investigate to see who else was involved?

"I've accepted he was a thief, but I've never accepted that he did the things they say he did," Julian told the outlet at the time.

Where is he now?

There is no information about the whereabouts of Julian Ramirez.

What did Julian say about his son's crimes?

"If he’s guilty, I’m not opposed to him being punished. But they should prove these things with the sincere truth," Julian said about his son's crimes at the time.

The father also said he believes key evidence was ignored by prosecutors.

Julian blamed the media for turning his son into a monster.

"The media turned him into a monster. He's really just a poor boy who was raised to believe in God."

At the time of his sons death in 2013, the family issued a statement following their loss.

"We are mourning the loss of our son and brother, Richard Ramirez," the family told the El Paso Times.

"The world judged him, whether fairly or unfairly, it no longer matters.

"He is now before the true judge, the judge that sees and knows all things. We ask that you respect our sorrow and grief."

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