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Who is Johnny Briggs’ ex-wife Christine Allsop and how many times was he married?

CORONATION Street legend Johnny Briggs - famous for playing wheeler dealer lothario Mike Baldwin - has died aged 85.

But who is his ex-wife, and how many times was he married?

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Who is Johnny Briggs' ex-wife Christine Allsop?

Johnny left his first wife Caroline for teacher Christine Allsop in 1973.

But after 28 years, their marriage also ended after Christine felt she was in a "a one-parent family" as the soap star's TV commitments got too much.

In 2005, a source told The People: "It's terribly, terribly sad but Christine feels she needs to consider what life is going to be.

"There is no one else involved on either side. But she feels they have grown apart over the years because of his workload.

"Johnny spends all week living in his flat in Manchester while working on Corrie and only goes home to the family at weekends. He has admitted it made Christine like a one-parent family - but everyone thought it worked fine for them."

How many times did Johnny Briggs get married?

Johnny Briggs got married twice.

He was married to Caroline Sinclair from 1961 to 1975, and then to Christine Allsop from 1977 to 2006.

Was Johnny Briggs dating anyone?

After Johnny and Christine split, he started dating 29-year-old Lisa Charnley.

In 2005, his ex-wife Christine told the Sunday Mirror: "He loves younger women.

"He married me when I was 25 and he was 40, in his 50s he went off with a 21-year-old air hostess and now in his 70s he's trying to relive his youth with someone who is young enough to be his daughter."

Who are Johnny Briggs' children?

Johnny Briggs has a total of six children.

He has three adult sons, and three adult daughters.

In real life, Johnny was a father of six, having been married twice – once to Caroline Sinclair from 1961 to 1975, and later to Christine Allsop from 1977 to 2006.

He had six children: three daughters Karen, Jennifer and Stephanie; and three sons Anthony, Michael and Mark.

Johnny Briggs dead at 85 – Coronation Street legend who played Mike Baldwin dies surrounded by his family

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