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Who is Jay Pickett’s wife Elena Pickett?

THE news of General hospital actor Jay Pickett's death has come as a shock to fans.

The TV star, who reportedly died of a sudden heart attack, leaves behind his wife, Elena.

Who is Jay Pickett's wife Elena Pickett?

Elena is thought to work in the fashion industry.

She has worked as a sales manager in Los Angeles for over five year.

Elena paid tribute to her late husband Jay following his death.

She told Jan Larison, one of Pickett’s sisters: “He was an amazing husband, dad, brother and friend and he leaves a huge hole in our hearts,”

“I’m not sure how we will move forward but I’m sure he will help us get there.”

When did they get married?

Pickett met his wife, Elena, at Treasure Valley Community College.

The couple went on to get married on August 9, 1985.

They were married until Jay's death in 2021.

Do they have children?

The couple have two daughters, Maegan and Michaela, and a son, Tyler.

Michaela is a dancer and has appeared in music videos showing off her skills.

On Mothers' Day, Elena paid tribute to her mom.

She wrote: "Today, and all my days, I'm so grateful I get to call these unreal awesome ladies my female role models for life. Happy Mother's Day".

How did Jay Pickett die?

Pickett's death on July 30, 2021, reportedly occurred on the set of a Western film he was filming named Treasure Valley.

Director and producer Travis Mills posted the sad news on the film's official Facebook page.

"Jay Pickett, our leading man, writer, producer, and creator of this movie passed away suddenly while we were on location preparing to film a scene," Mills wrote.

"Our hearts are broken, and we grieve for his family who are so devastated by this shocking tragedy."

"He was doing what he loved: acting, riding horses, making movies. And he was magnificent,"

Pickett's death "appears to have been a heart attack," Mills said, adding that everyone who was there did their best "to keep him alive."

Actor Jim Heffel claimed that Pickett died sitting on a horse, “the way of a true cowboy.”

He wrote: "Jay Pickett decided to ride off into the Heavens. Jay died sitting on a horse ready to rope a steer in the movie Treasure Valley in Idaho."

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