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Who is Denise Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills married to?

DENISE Richards is an actress who stars in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Denise, 49, made her reality Bravo debut in 2018 – the same year she remarried after divorcing her first husband Charlie Sheen in 2005.

But who is Denise Richards' second husband Aaron Phypers?

Who is Denise Richards?

Denise Richards is an actress, model, and reality star.

Originally from Illinois, she moved to California at the age of 15 and went on to star in the likes of in Starship Troopers (1997), Wild Things (1998) and was a Bond Girl in The World Is Not Enough (1999).

Denise married Charlie in 2002 and she subsequently filed for a restraining order after their '05 divorce, alleging he threatened her.

She shares two children, Sam, 16, and Lola, 15, with the troubled Two And A Half Men star and these days they happily co-parent their teen daughters.

She adopted nine-year-old Eloise, 9, in 2011.

She joined the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) last season and has been the center of the drama this year.

Who is she married to?

Denise married Aaron Phypers, a sound and light therapist, in 2018 (two days after they got engaged) and he's in the process of adopting her youngest daughter, Eloise.

He goes by the name of Aaron Cameron professionally and met Denise when she came to him in 2017 for frequency medicine, reports say.

He founded a therapy center called Q 360, which offers "sound therapy" and "light therapy" to its clients.

Denise previously defended his career choices on RHOBH, insisting it's "not cuckoo weird sh*t" and has "been around for hundreds of years, holistic medicine, all over the world."

“He’s my best friend. He’s my lover. He’s my confidant,” Denise told the Post. “I feel that we bring out the best in each other.

"We are definitely both very strong personalities, so, obviously we’ll have moments, but we respect each other’s opinions.”

Aaron was previously married to Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan, who he divorced in 2015, according to People.

They were together for just six months before calling time on the marriage.

Who accused her of cheating?

Brandi Glanville claimed she had an affair with Denise.

This season of RHOBH has been centered on these accusations that Denise cheated on Aaron with her former cast mate.

On July 13, Denise shared a video of her proclaiming “I’m f***ing Denise Richards," to which Brandi replied “OMG Me Too!”

However, Denise has denied the allegations, telling The Washington Post, “there’s definitely consistency with the subject matter that comes up on this ‘Housewives’ season, and that’s all I’ll say."

"If I had an open marriage, I would be open about it,” she added, saying she'd only reappear for a third season “if it makes sense.”

Who is in the RHOBH cast?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast is currently made up of:

Denise is currently embroiled in the ongoing affair scandal with Brandi Glanville.

Who is Brandi Glanville?

Brandi, 7, is a former runway and print model, who now stars in RHOBH.

She shares two kids, Mason and Jake, with her ex-husband and television star, Eddie Cibrian

She revealed that she had an intimate moment with Denise upon first meeting her.

"Denise and I went out and we had dinner. We completely click. We get absolutely wasted," she recalled on RHOBH. "We got to the restroom and all of a sudden we're making out."

"I was not expecting it but I was like, 'Alright, I'll go with it. I'm wasted. You're pretty. Let's do this.'"

Following their make-out moment, Denise invited Brandi to visit her in California, and the pair stayed under the same roof where Denise's young daughter and friend were staying.

"That first night the girls were sleeping downstairs with the door and Denise had a room upstairs," Brandi said. "There was no rollaway bed, conveniently. And so I just slept in the bed with Denise.

"The first night I was there, we just had a good night. We were hanging out and the next night we got really drunk and we were so f**ked up and we kind of hooked up."

Brandi added that the two did "everything."

The reality TV star also revealed that afterwards Denise told her not to tell her husband, Aaron Phypers, because he would "kill" her.

Denise rubbished claims she ever had a romance with Brandi, saying their “brief” interactions were strictly professional. 

Lisa Rinna, 57, recently exploded at Denise on an episode of RHOBH after claims Brandi “had sex with some of the people from this group.”

RHOBH's Lisa Rinna screams 'don't say that' after Denise Richards implies she may have had sex with Brandi Glanville

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