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Who is Ben Fogle’s mother Julia Foster?

BEN Fogle has long been a familiar face on our TV screens.

It seems to run in the family as Ben's mother, Julia Foster, is also a British actress...

Who is Ben Fogle's mother Julia Foster?

Ben Fogle's mother is British actress Julia Foster.

Born on August 2nd, 1943, Foster is a star of both stage and screen.

Her most prominent work includes 1964 drama The System, alongside Oliver Reed, and 1966 movie Alfie alongside world-famous actor Michael Caine.

As well as her film appearances, Foster featured heavily in BBC's TV Shakespeare adaptations.

She played Queen Margaret of Anjou in the of Henry VI, Part 1, Henry VI, Part 2, and The Tragedy of Richard III. 

She also starred in a TV remake of Moll Flanders in 1983.

Who was her husband Bruce Fogle?

Bruce Fogle is a Canadian veterinarian, author and journalist.

He hosted the live weekly TV series, Petwatch, for BBC One and has written weekly and monthly columns for The Daily Telegraph.

Bruce has most recently penned a memoir Barefoot at the Lake, about how he started to learn about nature.

Ben's career has been inspired by his father's work as a vet.

He told the One Show: "When I came back [from Castaway] some execs at the BBC knew I loved animals – my father’s a vet, I grew up above his clinic – and they asked if I wanted to try out as a presenter."

How many kids did they have?

Julia and Bruce married in 1973 and have three children together.

Emily Fogle is the eldest of the three, Ben is the middle child and his younger sister is named Tamara.

Tamara is a handbag designer and has created her own brand under her name.

Emily is reported to be working as a graphic-designer.

Before marrying Bruce, Julia wed Lionel Morton, frontman of 1960s pop band The Four Pennies.

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