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Where to buy the cheapest supermarket prosecco this weekend

WITH scorching temperatures of 28C this weekend, you may find you want a cooling drink or two.

But with every supermarket offering great discounts on Prosecco, where do you go to find the best bargain?

We've looked through all the deals to find some of the cheapest options out there.

ProsEcho Falls - Asda - £4 - buy it now

By far the cheapest 75cl bottle we could find was a Prosecco made by Echo Falls sold at Asda.

The fizzy wine costs just £4 a bottle, which makes it 33 per cent less than the next cheapest options.

It is described as a bright, fine bubbly wine, with aromas of peach and green apple.

It has a zingy finish and touch of sweetness.

Allini Prosecco Frizzante - Lidl - £4.99

The next cheapest bottles we could find were the Allini Prosecco Frizzante in Lidl and the Castellore Prosecco Frizzante DOC from Aldi.

Coming in at £4.99 these were the only other options we could find for under a fiver.

Lidl's Prosecco got a bronze award at the Drinks Business Prosecco Masters.

It's not available in store, so if you want a bottle or too you'll need to head to your nearest Lidl.

Castellore Prosecco Frizzante DOC - Aldi - £4.99

Aldi's option is semi-sparkling, so it won't be as fizzy as some Proseccos.

Again it's not available to buy online so you'll need to visit your closest store.

Coppiere Prosecco Frizzante - Morrisons - £5.50 - buy it now

Next cheapest was Morrisons, who is selling Coppiere Prosecco Frizzante for £5.50 a bottle.

This is a semi-sparkling wine with crisp green apple notes and a citrus finish.

Morrisons suggest it is served as an apéritif or with canapés.

It is available in stores and online.

Plaza Centro Prosecco - Tesco - £6 - buy it now

Tesco and Sainsbury's both had bottles of Prosecco available for £6.

Tesco's Plaza Centro Prosecco  is described as a lively, refreshing wine full of bright citrus fruit flavours with background floral notes.

The supermarket says it can be enjoyed as an apéritif or with fish or shellfish.

It is available in stores and online.

Prosecco Frizzante - Sainsbury's £6 - buy it now

Sainsbury's £6 offering is a Prosecco Frizzante.

The supermarket says its winemakers have created a fresh and delicate wine with notes of crisp green apple.

It's semi-sparkling so will have a gentler fizz than some other proseccos.

We couldn't find a full-size bottle of Prosecco for £6 or under at Marks & Spencer or Waitrose.

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