Shopping has been getting back to normal after most coronavirus restrictions ended in England.

Whilst there is no longer a legal requirement to wear face masks in indoor spaces, some shops will still ask you to wear one as the government "expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas ". But what about changing rooms at high street stores like Primark and H&M?

Fashion retailers have been allowed to reopen changing rooms since April 12, when non-essential shops were allowed to open their doors again after the Covid-19 lockdown.

However, not all retailers reopened their fitting rooms and some are still closed now. This means shoppers won't be able to try on clothes at every store they visit.

We've listed the retailers that have reopened their changing rooms and the rules currently in place to keep shoppers and staff safe.

Customers can finally try on clothes at Primark as the retail giant has reopened all its fitting rooms across Britain.

The high street chain made the move on 'Freedom Day' (July 19) after lockdown restrictions came to an end.

Fitting rooms at Primark stayed closed for safety reasons even though they were allowed to reopen in April.

Desperate shoppers were even spotted stripping off on the shop floor to try on clothes.

According to the Primark website, some Covid-19 safety measures are still in place to help protect customers and employees.

They are currently 191 Primark stores open in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. You can find out your nearest branch here.

TK Maxx has reopened changing rooms at all of its stores in the UK.

The chain is also encouraging all customers to wear a face covering when shopping in its stores, unless they are medically exempt.

TK Maxx has 349 stores across the country and you can find out your nearest one by using its store locator tool.

High street fashion store H&M reopened a number of its fitting rooms back in April.

The retailer is currently operating with a limited number of fitting rooms, meaning not all cubicles in a changing room will be open when you visit one.

It's advisable to contact your nearest store and find out if its changing rooms are open before heading out. You can check for your local by using the store locator tool.

Only one person is allowed in each fitting room, and you'll also have to wait to be called by staff when a cubicle is free.

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River Island reopened the majority of fitting rooms from April 12 in England so you can currently try on clothes at some stores.

A number of branches have reduced hours for fitting rooms - so it's worth calling up your local store to check what these are if you need to try something on.

The high street chain is encouraging a comfortable distance between staff and customers.

M&S fitting rooms have been open in all of its clothing stores since May 17.

They were open between 10am and 4pm when they first reopened, but it's not clear if these times still apply.

When they first reopened, they had set times of 10am to 4pm daily and we've asked if this is still in place and will update when we hear back.

The retail giant still has "extensive hygiene measures" in place in fitting rooms to keep staff and customers safe.

John Lewis reopened its fitting rooms on April 12 for shoppers to try on clothes before purchasing them.

Whilst social distancing and mask wearing is no longer legally required, the department store is recommending that face coverings be worn by its customers, especially when it's busy.

According to the New Look website, all of the retailer's fitting rooms are now open again across the UK.

There are extra cleaning measures in place to keep staff and customers safe.

The fashion store is also encouraging its customers to wear masks in crowded areas and keep a safe and comfortable distance from others.