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When is the Married At First Sight reunion show on?


THE EXPLOSIVE dating show sees couples who have never met be wed and follows their first few months together.

But when is the last episode, the grand reunion? Here's what we know.

When will the MAFS reunion show air?

The reunion is set to air on Monday October 4, at 10pm on E4.

The next episode will be aired on Monday, September 27 at 9pm on E4.

What will happen in the reunion?

In the Australia series, in the final episode, the couples return one more time to discuss their experiences and gain closure. 

Couples decided whether they wanted to go ahead with a legally-binding marriage, just stay together or call it quits.

During the second half of the reunion, the couples were seen sitting down with the experts to speak about their time on the show.

But to spice things up a little, the couples were also shown unseen footage from the series.

In the Australian series, the reunion often turns into one of the most heated episodes with contestants throwing drinks over one another and storming out, but other announced their engagement.

How can I apply to be on MAFS?

Singles looking for love can apply to appear on Married at First Sight by simply emailing your name, age and contact number to [email protected]

Applications must be over 18 years old.

Each series, a handful of people are picked to meet their perfect match... on the day they get married.

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