Universities will be breaking up for Christmas soon, if the term hasn’t ended already, and students across the country will be heading home for the festive break.

While most schools won’t break up for another couple of weeks, university term times tend to finish much earlier, with some unis having already wrapped for this semester.

When do universities break up for Christmas?

The exact term dates will vary depending on the university and bank holidays can vary in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

For example, universities including Manchester uni, Southampton and Cardiff will all begin their Christmas recess on Saturday 14 December 2019, whereas Bristol University doesn’t break up for Christmas until December 23 2019.

In comparison, Edinburgh University term ended for the Christmas break on November 29 2019.



It is advised that you check with your university directly if you are unsure of holiday dates so that you can get the most accurate term dates for the end of the semester and beginning of the new term in January.

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