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Wheel of Fortune fans slam contestants for guessing rarely-used ‘Q’ and losing luxury trip

TWO Wheel Of Fortune contestants missed out on a luxury trip to Costa Rica after inexplicably guessing the letter 'Q.'

During the frustrating moment, many fans of the show took to social media to question why the woman would choose such a rarely-used letter.

Nancy and Marlena seemed to be on a roll when they were competing for a free trip, but things quickly soured when Marlena confidently called out the letter "Q"- which quickly won her the failing whistle.

The camera quickly zoomed in on the pair as Marlena awkwardly nudged a stunned Nancy and whispered: "I'm sorry."

Nancy simply smiled and said: "That's alright."

The two contestants next to them, Pauline and Emily, then quickly solved the puzzle, which read "Exotic and Colorful Birds."

Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak, didn't comment on the ladies' fatal error.

Nancy wasn't the only one who was stunned by her friend's answer, with many fans of the show expressing their opinion on social media.

One viewer tweeted out: "Exactly what word was she thinking of when she called a Q."

Another one quickly followed and wrote: "Q? Q?! I bet those two aren't friends anymore after that game."

And another fan of the show dramatically wrote: "The only time you would guess 'Q' is when a blood vessel bursts in your brain and it's the last thing you say before you collapse and die."

Another watcher said: "This is weird. Contestants on Wheel of Fortune guessed the letter 'Q' to solve a puzzle ... which was wrong. It really made no sense for them to do.

"Wonder why they chose that letter?"

And one other person wrote: "Only an idiot would ever choose Q."

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