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What time is The Grand Party Hotel on BBC One tonight and what’s it about?

THE Grand Party Hotel on BBC One take us behind the scenes of Liverpool's Shankly Hotel.

It follows the tireless staff that work at such a luxurious organisation, as well as the poignant stories of the guests staying there.

What time is The Grand Party Hotel on BBC One tonight?

The new four-part BBC TV series about Signature Living's Shankly Hotel in Liverpool will be showing on Thursday, September 24.

You can catch it at 8pm on BB1.

The series will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer after it has shown.

What is The Grand Party Hotel about?

BBC1’s documentary takes us behind the scenes of The Shankly Hotel.

Filmed in all its glory before coronavirus hit, the series explores the guests, managers, concierges and party planners that work for the hotel.

The 130 room venture was originally designed to celebrate the life and times of former Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly.

The hotel features his memorabilia up on walls. But it doesn't stop there.

The hotel prides itself on its "party rooms" - communal rooms which can sleep up to 24 guests in multiple beds.

The hotel's deluxe decor in these apartments is what sets it apart from your normal hotel. The rooms are adorned with animal figurines, secret doorways and ceiling frescos.

Co-owner Laurence Kenwright says: "I've created something totally outside the box. Guests are walking into something that is absolutely vivacious, big, loud, proud,

"Guests post pictures of themselves on social media, saying, 'Look at me. You're at home watching Coronation street and I'm sat in this double whirlpool bath.' It's not like I have to advertise".

And he's not wrong. Their Vault room sleeps up to 30 guests and is located in the basement of the hotel, that once held the Masonic Bank. It has deluxe interiors featuring chandeliers, and a giant antique bank safe which can be unlocked by guests.

Not to mention the The Laurent Perrier room, which sleeps 24 and features its own dance floor, cinema wall and a Roman bath. 

The hotel hosts on average 140 weddings and over 1,000 stag and hen parties a year, plus corporate events and graduation ceremonies.

It won Hotel of the Year at the Liverpool City Region Tourism Awards in 2016. 

The BBC's programme notes read: "Popular with large groups of fun-loving friends and families who want to celebrate in style, each room has its own extraordinary décor: pink flamingos upside down on the ceiling, lions’ heads on the walls, monkeys with champagne trays in the bathrooms - as well as multiple double beds, communal jacuzzis, and Roman Baths.

"Behind every door is a very different story. And in The Grand Party Hotel we get to know the guests from the moment they check in to the moment they leave.

"The reasons for visiting the hotel are sometimes heart-warming and moving, sometimes celebratory, but always deeply personal."

The first episode of series introduces us to guests such as Laura, who has booked a room to celebrate her recent divorce, and Debbie, who is hosting a baby shower for her daughter.

Two Liverpool brides-to-be Trudie and Danielle organist their big day with Shankly's wedding planners.

It even houses an "Alice in Wonderland corridor", featuring topsy-turvy furniture and a yellow brick road on the ceiling.

Emmerdale star Kris Mochrie features in docu-series, as he is now a senior director at the hotel.

Kris - who played rapist Lee Posner on the soap - has even said the Shankly hotel has helped him come to terms with his sexuality at the age of 31.

He said: "When I joined The Shankly four years ago and seeing the characters there and seeing everybody be who they want to be made me realise the world is a much more accepting place and your level of masculinity has no bearing on who you are.

“You got drag queens checking people in and people behind the desk who are larger than life – who own who they are and don’t care if people judge them. It’s a nice environment.

“Working there was a real turning point in my life. I wish I could go back and tell young Chris, ‘It’s not that bad'.”

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