Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be be lifting the lid on their experience within the Royal Family tonight – but the interview will not be shown in the UK until tomorrow evening.

No doubt some people will be staying up late with a bowl of popcorn to see what secrets the Sussexes may spill.

For those curious, the two-hour interview will take place at 1am GMT, which in the US is 8pm PT/ET and 7pm CT.

It won’t be screened on UK until later on, so you will likely have to wait until 9pm on Monday, March 8 to watch it on ITV.

The broadcaster is reported to have paid £1 million for the rights to the highly anticipated interview.



It will not be live, as it as already been filmed, with snippets teased already which hint that the event could be full of fireworks.

In the first section of the interview, celebrity royalty Oprah Winfrey will interview Meghan. They will later be joined by Harry.

No subject is said to be off limits, and the Queen has not been given an advance copy of what will be said.

The duchess has already accused ‘The Firm’ – as the royal family is sometimes known – of ‘perpetuating falsehoods’ about her and Harry in a clip.

Whether she will elaborate on this, and who exactly it relates to, remains to be seen.

People in the UK staying up late will be able to read the headlines of what is said, with newspapers publishing the most interesting sections of the interview.

But to watch the whole thing, you’ll need to wait until tomorrow evening.

 In teaser clips, Meghan also criticised the constraints she faced as a working royal, and said it was ‘liberating’ to be able to ‘say yes’ to a request for an interview with the US chat show host.

One anticipated question is whether the couple will specifically mention or criticise the monarch or other members of the royal family.

Any fault-finding with one royal will be taken as an attack on the Windsors as a whole.

The Sunday Times reported the monarch will not watch the programme and is instead focusing on national issues, while the paper said royal courtiers have branded the interview a ‘circus’.



Meanwhile, the Sunday Express reported that The Queen’s mind is ‘only on duty and Philip’.

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