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What time does Greggs breakfast finish and what’s on the menu?

BAKERY giants Greggs has a legion of loyal fans that flock to the store for any meal throughout the day.

From its famous sausage rolls to its jam doughnuts, the chain has dozens of Brits' favourite menu items on offer.

Greggs also changes its menu throughout the country depending on where it is.

So, in the North East, you can find yourself having specialities such as empire biscuits, stotties while in the South East you can have an apple Danish, Tottenham Cake or a London cheesecake.

And its breakfast menu is pretty special too.

Here's everything you need to know about Greggs' breakfast menu and what's on offer.

What's on Greggs' breakfast menu?

Good news if you are a Greggs fan - breakfast is served until 11 am each day.

And there are a number of tempting items on offer.

Its breakfast menu is:

For people who want to have a lighter breakfast option, you could get a tropical fruit pot or a fruit medley.

If you want to know what the calories or allergens are for each of the breakfast menu items, Greggs has posted them in detail on its website.

There, you can find out details such as its bacon breakfast rolls have 291 per roll, while the pain au chocolats have 395 calories.

What's on the drinks menu for Greggs' breakfast?

Greggs has upped its game in recent years for its morning coffee.

Gone are the days where you could just get a tea or a white or black coffee.

Now it offers a whole host of barista options on offer.

On its website, Greggs said its drinks menu consists of:

For the past few years, Greggs has also started selling its own Pumpkin Spice Latte too.

Greggs describes it as a latte with "sweet pumpkin spice flavour syrup, cream topping and topped spiced sugar sprinkles".

How much is Greggs' breakfast menu?

Like many chains, Greggs has different prices across the UK depending on where you live.

It also doesn't post all of its prices on its website as there are so many branches that offer regional favourites that you can't get anywhere else.

Your best bet is to head down to your nearest Greggs and seeing how much everything is before purchasing an item.

To find your nearest Greggs, use its branch locator tool.

Greggs isn't the only chain that offers breakfast.

McDonald's sells its breakfast menu now until 11am - and you can read all about what's on it here.

Frankie and Benny's also sells breakfast from 9am until midday.

And here's everything you need to know about Wetherspoon's breakfast.

Greggs reveals exact recipe for a chicken bake so fans can whip one up at home

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