The FIFA 22 player ratings for Newcastle United's Allan Saint-Maximin and Joe Willock were revealed on social media today, and the duo were not too impressed with the ratings they've been given in FIFA 22.

EA's official release of FIFA 22 in the UK and worldwide is on Friday, October 1, 2021, and EA Sports have already confirmed the top 22 rated players in FIFA 22 as well as the full Newcastle team, with Paris Saint-Germain superstar Lionel Messi taking the top spot once again.

Newcastle finished the previous Premier League campaign in 12th place after a late surge up the table and away from the relegation zone after a difficult start to the season, and standout performances from Willock, in particular, has resulted in an upgrade in his rating.

Many fans predicted Saint-Maximin to stay at the same rating or even increase, however, EA judged differently after his seven-goal contributions in the Premier League last season, and the winger received a -1 to his overall, rating him at 79 out of 99.

Saint-Maximin and Joe Willock's rating on FIFA 22 compared to FIFA 21
Saint-Maximin and Joe Willock's rating on FIFA 22 compared to FIFA 21

The Magpies player ratings were revealed in a live stream from the Premier League's official Youtube channel, where Saint-Maximin and Willock are presented their ratings by the FIFA 22 'Players Rating Collective', and it's safe to say that the players themselves weren't very fascinated.

At first glance, neither of the players seemed impressed, with Willock seemingly more disappointed than his teammate.

"It’s alright, it's alright," Said Willock when presented his 75-rated card.

When asked what he thought of his new FIFA 22 rating, Saint-Maximin seemed relatively pleased at first, however after looking at his actual stats, the Frenchman then seemed disappointed with his new card.

Saint-Maximin's FIFA 22 Ultimate Team card
Saint-Maximin's FIFA 22 Ultimate Team card

“It’s a nice card, yeah, it’s ok," said the winger.

“Pace, Dribbling, shooting, not too good."

When asked about his stats and what he thought they should've been, Saint-Maximin was especially displeased with his pace and dribbling, two aspects of his game he's well known by.

“94 [should be my pace]. Passing, I need more... I’m strong, so 61 [physical] is not too good."

When Willock was asked about his card, he was animated in his response as he pleaded his desire for better stats.

Willock was not happy when presented his FIFA 22 rating
Willock was not happy when presented his FIFA 22 rating

“They need to upgrade that [dribbling], I think I’m at least an 80"

"72 shooting. It's crazy man, Yeah, [it should be] 80’s again”

The midfielder responded with, "They think I’m kicking it off the pitch every time I get the ball or what? What's going on?!”

“Yeah it should be a bit more, hopefully, I can do it [improve my rating] this season. Overall, I’m disappointed. FIFA, I'm disappointed in you, but I’m going to prove you wrong this season!"