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What is your divine feminine?

SPIRITUALITY is the practice of exploring the soul or human spirit, and can hold the keys to unlocking certain forces within.

One of these forces, the divine feminine, exists as a counterpart to the patriarchal structures that have long since dominated the world.

What is your divine feminine?

The divine feminine is the idea that within oneself, a feminine force exists. This isn't limited to those who identify as women, as it is believed each person carries within themselves both masculine and feminine energies.

While the exact definition of divine feminine varies, it is associated with feelings of intuition, nurturing, receptiveness, and interconnectedness.

According to Gabriela Herstik, a witch and author, “the divine feminine refers to a face of the divine spirit that is connected with the body, with nature, and with the cycles of creation and transformation."

In an interview with Bustle, she stated: “it is generally understood and felt through the subtle intuitive wisdom of the body.”

Your divine feminine is an encapsulation of the goddess within, and has been celebrated amongst many religions and mystical practices throughout history.

It is believed that one must balance their divine feminine and divine masculine energies to create peace within themselves, and to help understand their being.

The divine feminine is soft yet fierce, caring yet aware, and highlights the maternal side to oneself.

How do you channel your divine feminine?

To connect with one's divine feminine, one must slow down and simply be. The idea is that we should exist to be, not to do.

Different ways to channel your divine feminine exist, with rest and relaxation being one of them.

Meditating on who you are and the world around you is a great way to connect with your higher self and find your divine feminine. Tapping into your intuition is an important step in becoming more spiritual, and one of the best ways to get there is through meditation.

Another way to connect with your divine feminine is to embrace your sensuality. This includes all forms of self-care, enhancing the way your body physically feels through touch, visuals, and emotions.

Embracing your sensuality could be as simple as putting on a sweater that feels soft against your skin.

One way to help attune yourself is to journal. Through journaling, we're often able to work through situations and feelings we may not otherwise know how to.

What are some examples of the divine feminine?

Within history, many characters exist who embrace the qualities of the divine feminine.

In Christianity, the divine feminine can be found in the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene - two women whose stories contain the journey to self-love and acceptance.

Greek goddess, Aphrodite, is known as the goddess of love and beauty. Her Roman counterpart, Venus, also embraces these qualities.

Oshun is an African deity, associated with fertility, purity, and sensuality.

The Egyptian Isis is known as the Great Mother, and is the goddess of healing and magic.

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