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What is the Black Mirror ‘Be Right Back’ episode about?

BE Right Back is a Black Mirror episode that debuted on February 11, 2013, in season two of the show.

The theme of the episode explores life after death through technological advances.

What is the Black Mirror Be Right Back episode about?

Be Right Back is an episode directed by Owen Harris and written by Charlie Brooker.

The episode stars Hayley Atwell, Domhnall Gleeson and Claire Keelan.

The synopsis of the episode is as follows.

"Martha is devastated when her partner Ash is killed in an accident the day they planned to move in together," writes IMDB.

"At Ash's funeral, Martha's friend tells her of a new service which enables people to communicate with their (deceased) loved one.

"Martha is appalled, and decides to stay in the cottage despite her sister's view she is isolating herself. One day Martha gets a message from Ash, and she realises Sarah has signed her up for the service.

"Initially, Martha's displeased but, on finding she's pregnant, relents and soon begins communicating now and more with 'Ash'.

"With her comfort-level growing talking with the synthetic Ash, it isn't long before 'he' tells Martha about a 'next level' of communicating - one which will bring them truly closer."

Why are people comparing Be Right Back to Joshua Barbeau's relationship?

On July 23, 2021, a San Francisco Chronicle journalist named Jason Fagone published an article about a California man named Joshua Barbeau.

Joshua Barbeau was 26 when his fiancee, Jessica Pereira, died from a rare liver disease.

Eight years later, still grieving, the Canadian writer turned to Project December, a website that allowed him to text with an artificial intelligence simulation of Jessica.

 “It’s unprecedented,” Barbeau said of Project December.

“There’s nothing else that exists like it right now, short of psychics and mediums that are trying to take advantage of people. But that’s not the same thing at all.”

The program, who spoke exactly like Jessica, was capable of reminiscing about good times the couple had shared, providing accurate details about events he hadn’t programmed into the simulation.

“Intellectually, I know it’s not really Jessica,” he explained to Fagone,

“But your emotions are not an intellectual thing.” Grief has a way of becoming “knots in your body, right? Sometimes when you pull on them the right way, they get unknotted.”

Barbeau claimed he leaned on Project December, and encouraged others to do so, to “help depressed survivors find some closure.”

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