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What happened to Michael Fishman’s son Larry?

THE Conners’ Michael Fishman lost his son to a drug overdose in June. 

He recently opened up about the loss to talk show host Tamron Hall and said he wished he had been able to help him sooner.

What happened to Larry Fishman?

Michael Fishman, 39, lost his son Larry Fishman to an accidental drug overdose just four months ago. 

He spoke about the tragic loss and explained that his son was not really struggling with a substance abuse issue prior to that. 

“It wasn’t so much a struggle [with substance abuse] for him,” he said on the Tamron Hall Show. 

“He moved to a house in transition after living with his sister for a little while, and he tried drugs that turned out to be bad drugs that multiple people had a very serious reaction.”

He added: "I feel like I came to Larry, maybe later than I wish I could. And I think for parents, you know, you wish you had more time.

"You don't always get the time that you want."

Is Michael Fishman married?

Fishman was previously married to Jennifer Briner since 1999.

The two separated after 19 years of marriage after Briner filed for legal separation in December of 2018.

She officially filed for divorce the following year but their divorce was prolonged due to the halting of the Roseanne spin-off.

Fishman was set to star in the new series but it was cancelled due to Roseanne Barr's racist remarks back in 2018.

The actor claims that he and Jennifer ended things amicably despite their long separation.

They have two children together, Isabelle and Aaron Fishman.

Was Larry adopted?

Michael adopted Larry after the child was in foster care for some time and was going to age out of the system -- the actor met him through Larry's older sister Camille. 

“I think he chose me to be fair,” Fishman said of his bond with Larry. 

“I have two biological children from a previous marriage and at the end of that marriage I met his older sister, Camille, who a friend of mine kind of said, ‘She needs some support and guidance and mentorship.’”

Fishman paid a tribute to Larry on National Sons Day on his Instagram account and wrote “Always in my heart" shortly after his passing. 

The actor had been very private about the death of his son but hoped that by sharing what he went through it could help other families dealing with similar issues. 

"A couple years ago, I probably would have never shared this, to be honest with you," he admitted to Hall. 

"The really important part is that you're brave enough to admit when you struggle, and that you need help or that you aren't strong."

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please contact the SAMHSA substance abuse helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.

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