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What happened to Daisy Coleman’s dad and brother and when did they die?

DAISY Coleman’s father passed away in a crash when she was young and her brother Tristan tragically died in June 2018 in a car accident. 

Daisy took her own life on August 4, and her mom Melinda confirmed her death.

Here is more on Coleman and her family. 

Who was Daisy Coleman?

Daisy Coleman, 23, was an advocate for sexual assault victims who alleged she was raped.

She created a sexual assault prevention organization called SafeBAE (or Safe Before Anyone Else).

Coleman tragically passed away after taking her own life on Wednesday, according to TMZ.

Her mother Melinda had asked the police to do a welfare check on Coleman on Thursday and she was found dead in her home.

Melinda shared the news to Facebook saying: "She was my best friend and amazing daughter.

"I think she had to make it seem like I could live with out her. I can't. I wish I could have taken the pain from her!"

Melinda added: "I know you only stayed here for me after Tristan died. I know your soul weep to leave.

"I begged you to stay with me. I understand that you stayed as long as you could."

What happened to her dad and brother?

Coleman’s dad passed away from a crash when she was a young girl. 

Her brother, Tristan Ash Coleman, passed away in June of 2018 from a car accident when he was 19.

His obituary states that he was on his way home from helping his sister move to Colorado Springs when he was involved in an accident driving through Oakley, Kansas. 

Who is Matthew Barnett and what did he allegedly do?

When Coleman was 14, she claimed to have been raped by popular football player Matthew Barnett in his basement in Maryville, Missouri.

He was 17 at the time.

She said that she attended Barnett’s party when she was a freshman at Maryville High School with her friend Paige Parkhurst.

Parkhurst also claimed to have been sexually assaulted at the party by another 15-year-old boy.

Both Coleman and Parkhurst said that they were given alcohol, despite being underage.

After the event occurred, Coleman’s brother found her outside her home with barely any clothes and suffering from frostbite. 

Barnett was not charged with statutory rape. 

Missouri law generally applies in cases when a victim is under 14 years old. 

However, felony statutes define sex as non-consensual if the victim is incapacitated by alcohol, noted the Kansas City Star.

Barnett pleaded guilty to a charge of misdemeanor child endangerment, but not to a felony sexual assault charge.

He claimed that the sex with Coleman was consensual.

Ultimately, he was sentenced to four months in jail, which was then commuted to two years probation.

Barnett was never convicted and was forced to pay $1,800 to Coleman as a restitution. 

His grandfather is Missouri Republican Rep Rex Barnett.

What is the 2016 documentary Audrie & Daisy?

The Netflix documentary Audrie & Daisy (2016) focused on the alleged assault and how her family dealt with its aftermath.

In the film, Coleman addresses the bullying she received online from coming forward about the rape, as it also follows the life of 15-year-old Audrie Potts’ experience in California. 

Potts took her own life days after she had claimed to have been sexually assaulted by three boys in Sarasota in 2012.

What happened to Daisy Coleman's father and brother?

Daisy Coleman

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