Buckle up astrology lovers and horoscope enthusiasts, because Mercury is, once again, in retrograde for the third and last time this year.

In pop culture, this planetary motion is known to cause a cycle of misfortune, which has resulted in so many memes and even references in popular tv shows and movies.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde roughly three times a year, which is why one might feel as if they have heard the sentence “must be because Mercury is in retrograde” too many times.

Mercury retrograde extends during a period of approximately 21 days, and actually means that the planet is appearing to move backward in orbit when viewed from the Earth.

What does Mercury in retrograde mean?

Mercury retrograde will not cause too much trouble for Aquarians (


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Despite retrograde literally translating into “directed or moving backwards”, the motion is, in fact, an optical illusion. When a retrograding planet passes the Earth, it looks as if it is moving backwards, when it actually still is within its orbit.

Consequently, when a planet turns direct, it is basically the opposite of retrograde. In reality, a planet essentially moves in the same direction as other bodies or planets.

Sagittarius might be pushed to rethink (



This year’s final Mercury retrograde, which occurs from September 27 to October 18, the small and grey planet will be motionning invertedly in Libra, an air sign known to be extroverted and indecisive.

How this Mercury retrograde will affect your star sign:


Aries might be particularly challenged by this retrograde, since it falls on Libra, and Libra is directly opposite to Aries on the zodiac wheel.

Here's all you need to know about the Mercury retrograde (



Therefore, astrologers suggest Aries should prioritise their physical and mental health as well as putting extra time for self-cases during this retrograde period.


This star sign is ruled by Venus and is known to be a sensual sign. As a consequence, this retrograde is viewed as the perfect time for Taureans to reconnect with loved ones, and to address and fix any confusion with a partner.


This air sign is restless, which is why this retrograde will be the perfect opportunity for Geminis to work on a project or an old idea.


During this retrograde, it is recommended for cancers to postpone important projects or decisions.


Because of the harmonious sextile which exists between Libra and Leo, the retrograde could offer them clarity on past projects.


The anxious Earth sign prefers keeping sights on a specific goal. Since Mercury in Libra does not directly impact Virgos, they are recommended to keep focusing on mastering certain skills.


As Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and affection, the retrograde will deepen the need to recalibrate Libra’s most important relationships.

Mercury is the planet of communication and is in retrograde roughly three times a year (


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Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer for Astrology.com said: "Since Libra is the sign of one-on-one partnerships, Mercury retrograde will have us revise, review, and rethink how we are relating to one another as a way to find more balance and fairness within our most important bonds.”


This intuitive water sign might see itself facing some opportunities for spiritual growth.

As Mercury in Libra has minimal contact for Scoprios, this star sign will be free to embrace self-reflection.


This fire sign might be pushed to rethink some decisions made in the past.


Driven by success, Capricorns might one to double-check their work and spending more time by themselves


Mercury retrograde will not cause too much trouble for Aquarians and will, in fact, be a thought-provoking period instead for them.


This dreamy water sign will need to keep their eyes open to what the world is attempting to show them, especially in terms of a career path.

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