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What did Yosef Aborady say to Clare Crawley on the Bachelorette?

YOSEF Aborady tells Clare Crawley in the first episode of The Bachelorette that she "only deserves the best" and that he was "the best."

Season 16 premiered on October 13 on ABC.

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What happened between Yosef Aborady and Tyler C?

The two contestants got into a heated exchange on the first episode of The Bachelorette.

Tyler C claimed that he and Yosef were from the same town of Morgantown, West Virginia and that they knew the same group of women.

A few of those women had complained to Tyler C that Yosef had been bombarding them with Instagram messages, pictures and videos.

Tyler decides to confront Yosef over these claims.

“I'm trying to be as man-to-man about it as possible,” Tyler C tells Yosef on the episode, but Yosef shakes off the accusations.

“I'm not here for high school drama. Nothing is going to get in the way of Clare and I enjoying this evening,” Yosef says to the camera.

What did Yosef Aborady say to Clare Crawley?

In the episode, Yosef told Clare what was going on between the two. Clare said that she was going to hit the nail on the head with the drama and brings the two men together.

Yosef says he's there for Clare and there are no other women in his life romantically.

"Whenever I had my daughter, it just showed me I’m not exactly who I wanted to be. I want to be the best dad, the best person for my little girl. That really involves showing you how a woman is supposed to be treated as well. And I just wanna echo that sentiment and show you I’m here for the right reasons,” he tells her directly.

“Clare’s been through a lot,” Yosef then tells the camera. “She deserves only the best, and I promise you, I’m the best.”

Tyler C ends up going home on the episode after Clare chooses not to give him a rose.

Who did Clare Crawley give the First Impression rose to?

Dale Moss was the lucky guy who received the First Impression rose.

The 31-year-old former pro-footballer wowed Clare as soon as he stepped onto the scene.

Clare was so taken by Dale that she even said: "I definitely felt like I just met my husband. Oh my god. I'm shaking."

Dale picked her up off the ground while hugging her.

She then admitted: "I needed this so bad, you have no idea."

Dale seemed to be on the same wavelength as he replied: "While it's been a long time coming I couldn't be more excited to take this journey with you and I really do feel that this is going to be special."

They even shared a cheeky kiss.

How can I watch The Bachelorette 2020?

You can watch The Bachelorette on ABC via your local cable provider.

You can stream The Bachelorette on HBO Max, Tubi, Hulu, Prime Video, the iTunes store, Vudu, YouTube TV and Google Play.

The hit ABC show starts at 8pm EST on Tuesdays.

Fans can expect leading lady Clare Crawley to only last a few episodes of season 16.

Reports claim The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Tayshia Adams steps up to take her place after Clare leaves the show with "fiancé" Dale Moss.

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