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What did Piers Morgan say about Carol Vorderman’s outfit?


PIERS Morgan is known for speaking his mind but a recent comment about Carol Vorderman landed him in some hot water with viewers.

The Good Morning Britain host felt the need to request an outfit from the TV personality while she spoke about her plans to offer math lessons online.

What did Piers Morgan say about Carol Vorderman's outfit?

Carol Vorderman had appeared on GMB to reveal that she was going to launch a "maths school for grown ups" on YouTube when Piers suggestively asked: "Now you're talking, are you going to wear a mathematical uniform for this?

"One of the ones adults might enjoy, you know Carol?"

Keeping her composure, Carol quipped later in the chat: "I'll tell you what I am not going to do, Piers, which is probably what you would like me to do, it's teach you how to write 'boobs' on a calculator."

Piers continued to be cheeky, replying that he will still "definitely" be tuning in to Carol's classes.

How many complaints were made about Piers' comment?

A week after Carol scolded Piers for asking her to dress up in a maths teacher uniform, Ofcom confirmed that they are investigating complaints made against the presenter.

On 23 March, 11 complaints were made against Good Morning Britain with "most complaints objecting to Piers' "approach interviewing Matt Hancock".

Two viewers "objected to Piers asking Carol Vorderman if she was going to be wearing a ‘mathematician outfit for all the guys who will be watching'" on 24 March, while 12 other complaints were targeted against Piers' general behaviour towards guests including Michael Gove and his co-presenter.

The "majority of 19 complaints" on 25 March "objected to argumentative behaviour of Piers interviewing people" and 8 complaints were made on 30 March regarding "Piers’ use of 'b****end' in relaying a comment by Vinnie Jones about him".

Carol Vorderman scolds cheeky Piers Morgan about her adult-only maths classes to educate the nation during coronavirus crisis

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