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Whale watchers look opposite way as monster mammal looms a foot behind tiny boat


WHALE watchers look the opposite way as a monster mammal looms a foot behind their tiny boat.

Luckily they were Moby quick to turn around when alerted by another vessel.

One raised arms in triumph as they captured the moment of a lifetime off Mexico.

Snapper Eric Smith, 49, said: “She slowly and silently stuck her head high above the water to look around.

“I was in another panga a few dozen feet away and caught the moment right before everyone realized she was so close.

“When everyone turned around, she quickly sank below the surface. Cheering and hysterical laughter ensued.

“Whale photography involves a lot of luck, but the key is to always be on alert and ready.

“On a whale watching voyage, it is easy to get complacent because there is a lot of waiting.

“It seems like the moment you let your guard down a spectacular breach occurs.”

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