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People who drink weather spoons "may have died" after a lump of ceiling crashes into the table.

A man revealed that while he was in the weather spoon, a heavy ceiling fell on the table and was "completely destroyed in two."

Sam Ileton, 31, stood up to order his drink in a commercial room in Bristol and was back from the bar when it collapsed.

"If it was 30 minutes earlier, I would have been easily killed. It was completely traumatic," he said.

On June 17, a mental health support worker jumped into the buzzer for a drink at lunchtime.

Sam, who works part-time at Deliveroo, said: He put my bag on a table a few meters away from the bar and went to order a drink as he jumped into the pub.

'As I was about to return to the table, a large masonry fell from the ceiling to the table and was completely crushed in two. "Good," they immediately cleaned up and closed the pub and reported immediately.

He added: "I was completely shocked and I was sitting there while they understood my details." He settled. A route to check if you are eligible to be billed.

Weatherspoon states: "On behalf of JD Weatherspoons plc, I would like to sincerely apologize to Mr. Ireton and other guests who visited the pub on June 17, when this incident occurred.

" Fortunately, everyone was injured. I'm glad I didn't do it.

"Experts regularly inspect all fibrous stucco ceilings in some Wetherspoons pubs.

"The last ceiling inspection in the commercial room was done in February of this year when experts found that they didn't have to worry.

" Immediately after the incident, the pub was evacuated. The area was closed until a further full inspection by experts this week.

"Experts have made some minor repairs, but the ceiling is structural. The area was reopened as it turned out to be healthy.

"Wetherspoons treats the health and safety of staff and customers as paramount and that the pub is a safe place. Every effort has been made to guarantee. " Please contact the news team by sending an email to

 [email protected].

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