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Westworld season 3 – release date, plot, cast and how many episodes

THE wait for the return of Sci-Fi western Westworld is almost over and fans are eager to know what happens after the dramatic finale of season two.

Season three of Westworld will be back with a bumper cast including Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris and Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. Here's all you need to know...

When is Westworld season three released on TV?

For US viewers, Westworld season three will be back on TV on March 15, 2020 on HBO and on March 16, 2020, on Sky Atlantic and NowTV for those watching in the UK.

In early January, when HBO announced the show was returning, they released a cryptic teaser that showed various global “divergences”, including real-life events such as political protests in Hong Kong and the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

In the trailer, a voice over explains: “For the first time, history has an author, a system”.

“And up until very recently, the system was working. But there’s someone we haven’t accounted for: You”.

What happens in Westworld season three?

Season two of Westworld ended with the reveal that Delores' mind had been implanted in a copy of Charlotte's (Tessa Thompson) body.

Most of the plot details for Westworld season three are under wraps - but when we last saw Dolores and Bernard, they were beginning a new chapter - outside the park.

The trailer for the hit show introduces us to a terrifying AI tech company called Incite, one which rivals Delos, the firm that rules the theme park.

We already know that the HBO series' third series will see characters in the outside world beyond the park after rogue robot Delores left Westworld at the end of the second season.

This will give us a closer look at the creepy tech giants that rule the land, including the all-powerful Incite. The fictional company is introduced in the teaser, which plays like a fake promotional video for the business.

"The world is complex, complicated, messy...but life doesn't have to be, the future is powered by you. And we know you."

The businessman then goes on to explain that his company "analyses data for life's most unsolveable problems", adding that the "possibilities are limitless."

We then see an eye turn into a robot eye.

The ad is accompanied with the sinister caption: "If Data is Destiny, Then Chart The Path."

There is also a flash forward where William (Ed Harris) learns that his consciousness has been implanted in a host body.

Who is in the cast of Westworld season three?

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores

The 32-year-old actress was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 7, 1987.

She began acting as a child in the 1990s, and featured in TV series such as American Gothic in 1995.

At the age of nine she made her film debut in Digging to China, and was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as a drug-addicted teenager in 2003 film, Thirteen.

Evan returned to TV in 2009 playing Queen Sophie-Anne in True Blood, and Kate Winslet’s daughter in Mildred Pierce.

She has also starred in films The Wrestler and Whatever Works.

Evan has dated English actor Jamie Bell and musician Marilyn Manson.

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe

Born in Washington DC, the 54-year-old actor graduated from Amherst College in 1987.

Although Jeffrey studied Political Science, shortly after graduating he won an acting scholarship to NYU, but dropped out after only two months to pursue acting full-time.

He has starred in movies such as The Hunger Games, Ides of March and James Bond as CIA agent Felix Leiter and has also been in television series Broadwalk Empire.

Thandie Newton as Maeve

The Emmy award-winning actress was born in London on November 6 , 1972.

Thandie, 37,  has  starred in big Hollywood movies such as Interview with the Vampire alongside Brad Pitt, The Pursuit of Happyness and Mission: Impossible 2.

Thandie got her big break when she was 16 - she began a relationship with Australian film director John Duigan who two years later cast her in his film Flirting alongside Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts.

Ed Harris as older William/Host William

Ed is a producer, director and screenwriter as well as an actor and was born on November 28, 1950.

The 69-year-0ld was born in Tenafly, New Jersey and began his acting career on stage in 1976 and then later picked up theatre and TV spots before hitting the big time.

You will recognise the actor from movies such as The Truman Show, Pollock, Apollo 13, The Rock, Gravity and The Hours.

Other stars returning for season three of Westworld include:

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul has also joined the cast for season three as LA construction worker Caleb, along with other new guest stars Vincent Cassell, Lena Waithe and Kid Cudi.

How many episodes are there in Westworld season three?

The third season of Westworld will be told in eight parts, rather than 10 episodes in previous series.

The first episode of season three will be aired on HBO on March 16, 2020.

Westworld, which first debuted in 2016, has gained fans for its incredible visuals, approach to A.I., and clever twisty storylines.