Welsh Government will look at increasing the numbers of people getting their Covid booster jabs as the health minister has said people are being "a bit more fussy" about when they take up the offer.

Health minister Eluned Morgan said that while vaccination was "on schedule" Welsh Government wanted to "increase the pace".

Asked on the BBC's Politics Wales programme if she was concerned about Wales having one of the highest rates in the world, Mrs Morgan said: "Of course it concerns me. It concerns me hugely because it's having an impact on every aspect of our lives.

"The fact is that a lot of our services are under pressure because people are having to take time off to deal with Coronavirus because they may get sick, its putting pressure on our health service because some of the staff are also suffering but also of course, it is leading to hospitalisation.

"Not nearly as much as it did in the first and second wave, thanks to our vaccination programme, and that's why it's really important that we keep that vaccination programme up and running that we get those boosters rolled out as soon as we can and in particular, we get those children 12 to 15-year-olds vaccinated in the next couple of weeks because the rates in schools are particularly high."

Figures were released this week showing 322,591 people have had the booster jab in Wales to date.

More than half of healthcare workers (59.3%) and care home residents (56%), and close to half of care home workers (47.9%) and people aged 80 and older (44.3%), have had it since the rollout began last month.

The health minister was asked if she was happy with the progress or whether rollout could be going faster.

"It's going according to schedule but we are seeing if there's anything we can do to increase the pace on that.

"Of course there are numbers that won't be eligible for the vaccine yet you have to wait for six months after your second dose. So people like me are over 50 we wouldn't be eligible for it yet and yet we're in that first cohort that should be getting that booster vaccination.

"So focusing on the most vulnerable first is exactly what we're doing but we would urge people to step forward when they're called to get the booster and really make sure that they come forward and not delay because there has been some evidence that people are being a bit more fussy this time about when they have their booster job."

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