A slimming expert was thrilled to see one of her clients in publicity shots showing him getting the covid jag.

Elaine McKechnie revealed 72-year-old James Gordon is feeling fitter after his weight plunged by more than two stone.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw him in the photographs, and had to do a double take as he looked familiar.

“His achievement in lockdown has been remarkable, when all my classes are virtual.

“It has been so much tougher for everyone trying to lose weight.”

James was captured on film at The Foundry in Barrhead, which has been set up as the area’s inoculation centre.

Elaine,59, lives in Barrhead and runs Slimming World classes in Ralston Bowling Club and Glasgow’s Mosspark and is currently looking after Neilston, which normally takes place in The Pad in Main Street.

Slimming World's Elaine McKechnie - virtual clients still doing so well

She said: “It has been so tough for everyone and to finally get back to in-person classes will be amazing.

“I was delighted to see James getting his jab. He was one of the first to get it at The Foundry.

“He has been a true follower of my mantra, which is slim down in lockdown.”

Elaine took on a Slimming World consultancy role eight years ago after she lost three stone for her daughter Claire’s wedding.

She added: “Getting the weight off is such a boost for James as he had diabetes.

“It was a great boost to all of my members to see him.

“To see people coming through this pandemic in better shape is very rewarding.

“People have been going down diabetes levels or coming off treatment.

“My greatest success is a lady who has, over a number of years, lost 12 stone in total.”

Elaine revealed a high percentage of her 200 members have kept up the weight loss plan, even though weekly classes are Zoom only.

She said: “We are still communicating and helping each other.

“I am looking forward to the day when he can all physically sit together, because members love it.

“Discussing other people’s weight losses, recipes and where to buy products is much better in the flesh.”

Member James Gordon suffers diabetes and has had two heart attacks.

He said: “I am very relieved to have got the jab. Trips out the house are rare as I have had to be very careful.

“But there’s no questions losing weight with Elaine at Slimming World has helped me no end.”