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Wear a mask to the shops – it’s not a big deal nor are you a hero if you don’t

WEAR a mask when shopping. It’s not a big deal. It’s not forever. It will make ­others feel safer and there’s a tiny chance it might even save a life.

The moaning over their compulsory use in shops from next Friday is ridiculous.

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Some pretend it is a grotesque assault on our civil liberties — a “monstrous imposition”, one daft Tory backbencher called it.

It really isn’t. Nor will refusing to wear one make someone a hero. 

If their reluctance is just vanity or embarrassment, they should get over themselves.

A mask’s main purpose is to protect ­others. That’s reason enough.

That’s not to say we don’t have a few doubts.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says masks “give people more confidence to shop safely”. Well, perhaps. 

But one new survey indicates that half of families will be scared away from shops if the Government really considers them that dangerous.

We only hope they are vastly outnumbered by those who DO feel safer — or the new edict will strangle our feeble­-looking recovery instead of boosting it.

Plus, we have to ask: when will the new rules end? Is there a plan?

The Government was farcically late imposing them.

The Sun backed masks when there were 5,000 new UK Covid cases a day.

It’s now a tenth of that and the risk of catching it very, very small.

How low must daily infections be before we ditch masks . . . 100? 50? Zero?

On balance, we still believe their routine use, along with social distancing and hand washing, are our three best forms of self-defence. For now.

But normality must return rapidly or our economic prospects are unthinkably grim.

A tale of woe

THOSE dire prospects are starkly exposed in the latest woeful economic data.

It should be no surprise that growth saw only a slight uptick in May.

Shops and pubs still weren’t open.

Even so, a 1.8 per cent rise barely registers against the 24.5 per cent fall in March and April.

There’s even worse news on jobs: unemployment is forecast to triple by Christmas, while our deficit hits a mind-boggling £350billion for the year.

We celebrated when Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane said a swift V-shaped recovery was under way.

We now wonder what he’s been smoking.

Broken China

FOR a decade Britain cosied up to a ­Chinese regime which has increasingly revealed itself to be malign.

The belated Huawei U-turn must be just a first step in reversing that trend. It will delay our 5G network, but so be it. 

Boris Johnson had little choice once US sanctions made the Chinese tech giant even less trustworthy.

Meanwhile, though, China is still investing heavily in nuclear power here. 

How safe is that?

Woman shares hack to stop your glasses steaming up while wearing a face mask

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