Labour has today released the manifesto it hopes will help it beat the Conservatives in the General Election on December 12.

The 107-page document includes pledges on council housing, scrapping tuition fees and green policy. It also includes four pages on the party's Brexit policy. The document acknowledges that the Welsh Government - run by Labour in Wales - has a different policy.

It says: "Only Labour will put this decision back in the hands of the people, and in Wales the Welsh Labour government will campaign to remain".

What exactly is Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party policy?

Within three months of getting into power, Labour says it will have negotiated a "sensible" deal with the EU. Within six months, it will put the deal to leave the EU to a referendum. The other option on the ballot paper would be to remain.

"A Labour government will implement whatever the people decide," the manifesto pledges.

"This will be a legally binding referendum and we will implement the people’s decision immediately."

What about Boris Johnson's deal?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn poses during the launch of the party's election manifesto

Safe to say, they're not fans. The party says his deal is "even worse" than Theresa May's and would leave the UK £70bn worse off by 2029.

It says: "It would give the green light to deregulation undermining UK manufacturing; and it would leave our NHS at the mercy of a trade deal with Donald Trump. This sell-out deal is unacceptable to Labour".

And a no-deal Brexit?

The manifesto "rules out" a no-deal Brexit: "Labour rules out a no-deal Brexit, and we will end the scandal of billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money being wasted on no-deal preparations. No deal has never been a viable option. It would do enormous harm to jobs, rights, security and to our NHS."

What deal do they want from EU?

The new deal will "protects jobs, rights and the environment, avoids a hard border in Northern Ireland and protects the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process".

It will also:

What about the Withdrawal Agreement?

Labour says its revised Withdrawal Agreement will give "legal protection for citizens’ rights, meets our international obligations – particularly with regard to the Good Friday Agreement – and ensures an appropriate transition period to allow businesses and citizens to adapt to any new arrangements".

It says: "We will also secure robust and legally binding protections for workers’ rights, consumer standards and environmental protections, and ensure level playing field protections are maintained.

"Labour will never accept an outcome that puts rights and standards at risk. Once we have secured this new deal we will put it to a legally binding referendum alongside the option of remaining in the EU."

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Will they honour the result of another referendum?

Labour say that whatever the public decide in their planned public vote, they will honour it.

"This final say referendum will not be a re-run of 2016. It will be legally binding. Labour will implement the decision of the British people immediately," the manifesto says.

"Labour will introduce legislation to facilitate this referendum and to provide legal certainty and stability following the result."

The Lib Dem manifesto says "If the Lib Dems are elected as a majority government it would revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU.

"In other circumstances, the party will continue to fight for a people’s vote with the option to stay in the EU, and in that vote the Lib Dems would passionately campaign to keep the UK in the EU".

The Green Party manifesto promise a people's vote and to work from within to reform the EU.

We're yet to see the Conservative manifesto, but their policy is to deliver the deal Boris Johnson negotiated with the EU and "Get Brexit Done".

Plaid Cymru want a "Final Say referendum".


What if people vote to continue with Brexit?

Then Labour says the UK will leave the EU: "If people decide to leave, a Labour government will work constructively with the EU on vital issues of mutual interest and to the mutual benefit of the UK and EU. But we will leave the EU.

"If in a referendum the British people decide to remain in the EU, this must not mean accepting the status quo. Labour will work with partners across Europe to make the case for radical reform of the EU – in particular to ensure that its collective strength is focused on tackling the climate emergency, tax evasion and ending austerity and inequality."

Which policy are Welsh MPs backing?

As part of our election coverage, we've been asking all candidates to answer what they will do if elected. They've been asked what they would do if Boris Johnson's deal is back in the Commons - you can see all the answers.

We understand no official guidance has been given to Welsh MPs whether they should back the Welsh or national position and it is up to candidates on an individual basis to choose.

Nia Griffith, who was shadow secretary of state for defence, has confirmed she will campaign on the Welsh Labour position of remain.

Christina Rees, Labour's shadow secretary of state for Wales, will also campaign on the Welsh Labour position.