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I tried replicating cheap supermarkets in Cornetto such as Tesco, Asda and Lidl. There was one clear winner.

SUPERMARKET Ice Cream was selected as the best ice cream in a blind taste test that beats Wall's Cornetto.

Summer's favoriteis ice cream and chocolate in a waffle cone combined with additional flavors such as strawberries, mint and nuts.

Strawberry-flavored treatshave been triedby a panel of lucky consumers put together by a consumer group.

And after trying all thesupermarket versions, it wasDupewho beat the original.

Among those who did better and gave more than running the original for money were the cones ofAsda, Morrisons, and Lidl.

Sainsbury's, Tesco,Aldi, M&S and the supermarket versions sold by Iceland have also been tested.

Ice cream was marked according to taste, appearance, texture and aroma and was given a 100% overall score.

This is compared to a wall cornet with a score of only 66%.

The taster rated the "clear winner" for the balance of sweetness and creaminess and the decent sauce of strawberry sauce.

Lidl corn costs £ 1.45 for six, 55p cheaper than Wall corn and the second cheapest corn tested.

The joy of the discounter is also 120ml per cone, compared to the original 90ml.

But which is it? He emphasized that Lidl corn is sourced in a sustainable manner but contains a small amount of sugar and palm oil.

In fact, with the exception of Iceland, all supermarket dupes were ranked higher than the original supermarkets.

Morrisonsand Asda were also frozen as high scorers of 77% and 75%, respectively.

Tesco, Sainsbury's, Aldi, andM&Salso scored higher than Wall, but not as high as other supermarkets. was.

The low scores were due to a variety of factors, including weak strawberry sauce, too soft corn, and not creamy enough ice cream.

This is the complete result-and can you find out more about what eachtester is doing?.

Lidl 82%-WINNER

  • 1.45 pounds per 120 ml
  • 24p per corn
  • 20p per 100 ml

Morrison 77%

  • £ 1.10 per 110ml
  • 28p per 100ml
  • 25p per 100ml

Asda 75%

  • £ 110 per 110ml
  • corn 28p per 100ml

73% of Sainsbury

  • £ 1.25 per 110ml
  • 31p per corn
  • 28p per 100ml

Tesco 71%

  • 1.20 pounds per 110 ml
  • 30p per cone
  • 27p per 100 ml

Ardi 69%

  • 110 ml each 95p
  • 24p per cone
  • 22p per 100ml

M&S 68%

  • £ 1.35 for each 110ml
  • 34p cone for each
  • 100ml 31p per 100ml

Wall 66%

  • £ 2 per 60ml
  • 33p per cone
  • 37p per 100ml

Iceland 63%

  • £ 1 for 6 pieces
  • 17p per corn
  • 15p per 100ml

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