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We’re $100k in debt after getting married, divorced and then remarried – paying it off is such a chore

A COUPLE have revealed they are £74,000 in debt paying off their divorce - even though they are happily back together and remarried now.

TikTok user Brittany Jade, who posts under @brittanyjade___, said they can see the funny side of their expensive predicament.

She said in a video that she had previously wanted the divorce and her husband hadn’t wanted to, but had gone along with it anyway.

However they added that they are now “married with $100k debt” after rekindling their love.

Brittany added: “Our happily ever after is paying off a divorce we never got. 

“But for the record, We ALMOST have (my side) of it paid off!”

The pair had been married for nine years, before separating for a year and a half.

She continued that they don’t like talking about it now they are back together, but they did see other people during their split as they had accepted the marriage was over.

Brittany said: “That was one of the hardest parts of getting back together.

“We asked each other what we wanted to know (which wasn’t much) and nothing more.

“We tried to come clean about everything in a few conversations with each other, because we didn’t want to hear about anything from anyone other than each other first.

“We set boundaries and have no communication with them.”

They are now happily remarried to one another raising their three kids, with Brittany adding: “What's meant for you will always find its way back to you.”

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