If there's one thing that we all love in the run up to Christmas, it's all the festive food and drink on sale.

Come December there’s something about having a glass of wine or gin after work that just gets even more appealing than ever - you’ve got to be prepared for your Christmas do, after all.

This year, Marks and Spencer's Light Up Snow Globe Gin Liqueur has been more popular than ever, and where M&S go, Aldi tends to follow. Yes, the budget retailer now has its own version, and of course it comes with an Aldi price tag.

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Marks and Spencer’s version arrived on the scene a few years ago, with shoppers desperate to get their hands on the stunning bottle - and others going as far as to collect all the different flavours to create a collection.

This Christmas, Aldi has released a similar bottle, from The Infusionist, and it’s already received five star reviews online.

Aldi has become well known for its replica products, from homeware and beauty, to cleaning products and food items. We picked up a bottle of Aldi’s The Infusionist Gold Flake Blackberry Gin Liqueur, as well the Marks and Spencer’s Light Up Snow Globe Gin Liqueur to see how they compare. Here's our verdict:

What you get for your money

Aldi’s The Infusionist Gold Flake Blackberry Gin Liqueur is priced at £13.99 for a 70cl bottle, which is definitely cheaper than you’ll find in most supermarkets. The gin is blackberry flavoured with edible 23ct Gold Flakes. You can buy the festive bottle here .

The M&S Clementine Light Up Snow Globe Gin Liqueur is £20 for a 70cl bottle. The 'zesty liqueur' contains edible gold leaf and is suitable for vegans. You can buy it at M&S or Ocado.

How the bottles compare

Aldi's The Infusionist snow globe gin
Aldi's The Infusionist snow globe gin

Aldi’s bottle is beautiful to look at, the snow covered trees and sparking gold flakes in the gin giving the drink the ultimate festive feeling. Add to it that it lights up - with two different settings - it's certainly impressive.

The bottle’s dome shape gives it the illusion of a snow globe, but it's the tiny gold flakes floating about that really sell it.

The one thing I did think would improve the aesthetic appeal of the bottle is the colour of the light; it's quite a harsh orange shade that isn’t as soft as the M&S one.

The M&S bottle looks beautiful sat on a drinks table at Christmas. It lights up by pushing a button underneath and stays lit for over 30 seconds. Once shaken the gold leaf really does make it look like a magical snow globe as it floats around, shimmering in the light.

The intricate pattern used to decorate the bottle has a kaleidoscopic look and helps cast pretty shadows when its lit up.

What they taste like

Aldi’s gin was very sweet. Maybe too sweet, but enjoyable nonetheless. Mixed with lemonade the gin was very smooth and flavourful, so much so that it was almost too easy to drink.

The sweet drink would make for the perfect festive drink, especially for a Christmas party or gift.

Being a liquor, the M&S Clementine snow globe is sweeter than other orange flavoured gins you might be used to trying. Served over ice, it's got a syrupy texture that makes it glide down, without being too sickly. If you prefer your prosecco sweet, it also adds a festive touch if you add just a drop.

The verdict

There's a reason why the M&S snow globe has been so popular this year, and while it's a good effort from Aldi, overall it tasted a bit too sweet and we weren't as dazzled by the overall appearance of the bottle as we were with the Marks and Spencer version.

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