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Watch Jurgen Klopp and Sean Dyche in heated tunnel row as Liverpool boss says ‘I didn’t start it’ after Burnley loss

JURGEN KLOPP and Sean Dyche angrily clashed in the Anfield tunnel as tempers boiled over half time between Liverpool and Burnley.

And Klopp's mood wouldn't have been much better as the final whistle blew with the Clarets securing a stunning 1-0 victory at Anfield.

The Reds chief was quizzed about the incident after the defeat and replied: If he's not talking about it, I will not talk about it. But I didn't start it."

The reigning champions had dominated the uneventful opening period but failed to make a breakthrough against the Clarets.

But just as the referee blew for half time things nearly exploded.

Burnley stopper Nick Pope punted the ball up field from a goal kick as the whistle went.

Ashley Barnes and Fabinho had both gone to challenge for the ball, with the former ending up flat on the ball.

That sparked a furious reaction from Joel Matip, who ran towards the fallen Burnley striker before a melee of players got involved.

The ref kept all the players on the pitch as VAR assessed the situation, which eventually led to Fabinho getting booked.

However, the fireworks were not only on the pitch as both managers got involved in a heated argument.

Dyche had begun marching down the tunnel when Klopp went racing after him.


The Clarets manager then turned round and gave the Kop boss a mouthful.

The pair got up close and personal but restrained from physical contact as the verbal jousting continued.

Dyche then eventually turned round and appeared to march off towards the away dressing-room as Klopp span round to go back pitchside.

Barnes would later find himself further into Klopp's bad books after he won - and converted - the winning penalty.

Reflecting on his side's loss, Klopp told the BBC: "Everything, all the English words, massive, massive punch in the face or whatever, it's my responsibility, that's the easy explanation.

"We had the ball a lot, created some and didn't finish the situations off. That keeps the game open and then they get the penalty - Alisson told me he didn't touch him, but I didn't see it back."

The goal sunk Liverpool to a fifth Premier League game without a win - and saw them lose at home for the first time in nearly FOUR YEARS.

It was not only the Sky Sports viewers who loved the prospect of the two getting involved in a scrap.

Liverpool legend and now BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson would fork out to see it.

He said: “Jurgen Klopp v Sean Dyche?! I would've paid money to see that!!”

It is not the first time the two bosses have clashed.

Dyche approached the German after a 3-1 defeat to the Reds back in 2018 and shook hands with the Liverpool coach.

Dyche then whispered something to Klopp making him visibly confused.

A moment after the Clarets' manager appeared to be irritated, pointing with his finger and shouting over his shoulder.

Dyche then walked off baffling Klopp even further, with the Turf Moor chief saying afterwards: "I just said 'well done'."

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