Police officers have been forced to separate warring Scotland and England football fans after they clashed in Leicester Square.

Tartan Army supporters had been singing and dancing in the street for several hours ahead of the 8pm Euro 2020 kick off with the Auld Enemy.

Police officers were forced to step in to separate warring fans in Leicester Square

Thousands of Scots had packed into the street throughout the day however numbers began to dwindle as fans left to watch the game.

But police were called into action after a separate group, understood to be England fans, entered the area and began shouting.

One man was held on the floor by officers

At least one person was tackled to the ground after attempting to breach the police line.

Officers were stood between the opposing groups with their batons drawn while slowly walking the two groups apart.

A statement from the City of Westminster Police said: “Police are currently engaging with opposing fans in Leicester Square. Please continue to avoid the area."

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